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CSTX: What is it?

U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers are taking part in the Combat Support Training Exercise (CSTX) at Fort McCoy.

The exercise is designed to assist combat-service and combat-service-support units in planning, preparing, supervising, and executing of pre-mobilization collective training.

In order to fully understand the purpose of this exercise you must first understand the Army Force Generation cycle. The ARFORGEN cycle refers to the time reserve units spend in between deployments.

This exercise is intended to facilitate training for the second to the last year of this ARFORGEN cycle.

There are two main elements taking part in CSTX. The first being the Observer-Controller-Trainers, who are here to help facilitate training for the 300th Combat Sustainment Brigade.

According to Brig. Gen. Walter B. Chahanovich, commanding general of the 78th Training Brigade and the deputy exercise director, "If we are successful here, we will help cut down time spent at mobilization stations for deploying units because we have been able to validate and certify tasks that are critical for their deployment.

"That is the whole intent of the CSTX, to allow units greater time boots-on-the-ground and less time at the mobilization station. It is also a means of creating a greater sense of predictability in terms of mobilizations," added Chahanovich.

(Look for additional coverage of the exercise in a future issue of The Real McCoy Online.)

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