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New garrison command sergeant major looking forward to tour at Fort McCoy

Throughout his tour at Fort McCoy, the new garrison command sergeant major hopes to emphasize noncommissioned officers (NCO) being NCOs and doing NCO things, taking care of families through the Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) program and practicing safety at all times.

Photo: New garrison command sergeant major William T. Bissonette Jr.

Command Sgt. Maj. William T. Bissonette Jr., said NCOs need to recognize their responsibilities and not confuse those responsibilities by letting friendships with their subordinates interfere with those duties.

This is an especially important goal during The Year of the NCO, Bissonette said. 

"I expect all NCOs at the installation to be NCOs at all times," Bissonette said. "Being an NCO is hard."

If NCOs donít perform their duties and correct deficiencies they observe ó even if itís just one time ó they have just established a precedent that will be passed on among the units or other military personnel they come in contact with at the installation, he said.

NCOs have to realize their actions can affect the troop populations, and all the other personnel on the installation, including the civilian work force.

Another important objective for Bissonette is to recognize the importance of the Army Family Covenant, which is supported through MWR programs.

The installation has many programs to support community members, such as Army Family Advocacy, Army Community Service, Army Emergency Relief, and the Military Family Life Consultant, to name a few. Bissonette said he will be vigilant to ensure theyíre well kept up to serve the community.

Many projects, such as a new Child Development Center, which is scheduled to open this year, and new military housing on post also will support the community.

"I want to get the word out about all the programs we have here," Bissonette said. "If itís something you think we should be doing, asking questions will help determine if programs exist or need to exist."

The goal is to provide opportunities for military personnel, their family members, and members of the work force, etc., to participate in activities on the installation before, during and after the duty day to help foster relationships between military personnel and between military and civilian personnel and help develop a sense of community.

The Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program is no longer just for single Soldiers. Bissonette said any Soldier can join, and it provides opportunities for people to perform community service.

Bissonette said the third area he will emphasize is safety. 

"Every senior NCO in an organization serves as the safety NCO for that organization," he said. "In 95 percent of accidents, someone was negligent." 

People need to give 100 percent attention to safety no matter what activity they are doing on post, conducting training or physical training, driving, being a pedestrian, etc.

Those who are driving on post need to realize using cell phones while driving causes as many accidents as drunk driving does, Bissonette said.

Many accidents can be avoided by using common sense. Motorcyclists must wear protective equipment and clothing on post and should continue to wear it when they leave the post, he said.

Bissonette said he is pleased to serve as the senior enlisted adviser to Garrison Commander Col. David E. Chesser, who has been very supportive of his goals and objectives to date.


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