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 July 23, 2010


Viterbo University to offer business degree course at McCoy

A new undergraduate business degree program, beginning January 2011 at Fort McCoy, will offer the entire Fort McCoy community a flexible educational opportunity that post education officials believe will help meet the special needs of the installation. The courses will be open to the public.

Viterbo University, which is headquartered in La Crosse, is recruiting for its Bachelor of Business Administration Organizational Management degree, said Debra Anderson, the program administrator. The course will be offered on site at Fort McCoy, but also will offer potential students the chance to take some or all of the courses online.

Dale Spannbauer of the Fort McCoy Education and Learning Center said the on site and online educational opportunities will cater well to a transient Fort McCoy population. The program also will help support the Army Community Covenant.

“The degree program can open a lot of doors for military personnel,” Spannbauer said. “For those in the military, completing the degree earns them points for promotion. Personnel with degrees can register for officer candidate school or warrant officer training. For those who decide to return to civilian life, this will give them better job opportunities.”

Viterbo will be military-friendly in accepting the transfer of military educational credits, such as for military occupational specialty training, Spannbauer said. The Education and Learning Center also offers limited Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Services and College Level Examination Program testing that can give military personnel undergraduate credit for work, schools or experience.

Military personnel are eligible for tuition assistance programs. For more information, call Spannbauer at 608-388-5072.

“We are announcing the program at this time to give interested students time to begin or complete the prerequisites for the course or their general studies,” Anderson said.

Although the program is designed for people who have completed a two-year associate’s degree program, Anderson said Viterbo will work with all eligible people who are interested in taking the courses. If at least seven people need a prerequisite or general-study course, for example, Viterbo can offer it on site at Fort McCoy. All of the courses Viterbo offers at Fort McCoy will require a minimum of seven students.

“These courses also can be taken online through Viterbo,” she said.

For more information about the Viterbo program, Anderson said she will be available in person from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Wednesdays at the Fort McCoy Education and Learning Center. Questions also can be directed to her at 608-796-3371, toll-free at 888-848-3726 or by e-mailing FtMcCoy@Viterbo.edu.

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