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 July 23, 2010


Rumpel Fitness Center personal fitness trainers ready to help patrons shape up

Story & photo by Rob Schuette, Public Affairs Staff

Want to get into shape or improve your physical conditioning? Authorized patrons of Fort McCoy’s Rumpel Fitness Center can get one-on-one assistance from personal fitness trainers.

Jeff Utesch, Rumpel Fitness Center manager, said the Fitness Center, building 1122, has three personal fitness trainers, including himself. All of the trainers have attended in-depth training to learn about fitness and take continuing-education courses or attend conventions to keep their knowledge current.

PHOTO: Kregg Koscal (left) helps Cherryl Burkey with an overhead press as part of the personal fitness trainers program at the Rumpel Fitness Center. Photo by Rob Schuette
Kregg Koscal (left) helps Cherryl Burkey with an overhead press as part of the personal fitness trainers program at the Rumpel Fitness Center.

Authorized patrons include servicemembers and Department of the Army civilians and their Family members and Department of Defense contractors who are 17 or older. All of the services, classes and up-to-date equipment at the Fitness Center can be used for free.

“The personal fitness trainers can help you set up a program to meet your needs,” Utesch said. “They also can draw from the myriad of fitness classes and equipment we have to design a personalized plan that can help patrons achieve the results they desire.”

Kregg Koscal, a personal fitness trainer, said the process begins with an initial meeting. Both parties educate the other about their ideas of fitness education.

The next step is to set up a program, which typically spans eight, 30-minute sessions.

“Generally, the people who come to me want to talk about weight-management or -control,” Koscal said. “We come up with ways to enjoy exercise and look for a program that will tell them what to do, with recommendations of the most-efficient way to exercise, to attain the desired results.”

Currently, the clientele is about 40 percent military and 60 percent civilian, he said. The military personnel seek tips to help meet weight standards or to help pass the Army Physical Fitness Test. Koscal added personal trainers can help people who have advanced fitness goals, as well.

Participants are encouraged to engage in fitness activities on a daily basis, so part of Koscal’s training regimen includes using exercise balls and bands and walking. This helps keep patrons at a high level of fitness, encourages them to keep up on a daily basis even if they can’t make it to the Fitness Center and better allows them to reach their desired results, he said.

Koscal encourages participants to use all Fitness Center opportunities, including weekday classes. Classes are held before and after work and also during the noon hour. Two of the newest classes that Koscal teaches are micro sculpt and micro abs, which each run 15 minutes.

“The intent is to have a good deal of intensity and work efficiently and effectively with little rest and an emphasis on feeling good,” Koscal said. “When they’re done with a workout we hope they will continue and make it a part of their lifestyle.”

Utesch said participants in the personal fitness trainer program can use the activities to participate in the Family Connection Program. Participants who meet the requirements are entered in drawings for Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation prizes.

Fitness Center classes include several water-based activities, such as hydro riders, aqua fit (water aerobics) and swim conditioning or classes in the Rumpel Fitness Center indoor pool. Other classes, such as body blast, cycling abs, etc., also are offered.

Classes all have qualified instructors who bring a variety of experience including instructing in other venues, such as fitness clubs, or public organizations, such as YMCA/YWCAs or school settings.

Julie Pressler also is available as a personal fitness trainer at the Fitness Center. Utesch said they are working to certify additional personal fitness trainers to ensure they can meet the demand for the services.

For more information about available classes or equipment, call the Fitness Center at 608-388-2290 or view the current monthly schedule at http://www.mccoymwr.com.

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