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 July 23, 2010


Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition to begin July 25 at Fort McCoy

Even though there won’t be a Fort McCoy-based or -affiliated Soldier competing in the Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition here July 25-31, several Fort McCoy personnel worked diligently behind the scenes to help make the event happen and help ensure its success.

Sgt. 1st Class Paul Caswell, the training noncommissioned officer (NCO) for Headquarters and Headquarters Company, U.S. Army Garrison Fort McCoy, was a member of the Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition planning committee.

Best Warrior Competition coming to Fort McCoy

The annual Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition will be held July 25-31 at Fort McCoy.

The event will establish one noncommissioned officer and one Soldier as the Best Army Reserve Warrior. The winners will compete in the Armywide Best Warrior Competition in October.

The competition challenges entrants in a range of tasks, including the Army Physical Fitness Test, M-4 range qualification, Army Warrior Tasks, an appearance board and a written essay.

The competition is aptly named because the Soldiers involved are the type who always put the mission first, are consistent and set high standards for themselves.

All of the Soldiers involved show dedication and effectiveness in leadership, as well as the desire and willingness to do hard things.

(Adapted from Warrior Citizen Magazine, Spring 2010, the official magazine of the U.S. Army Reserve.)

As the personal representative of Command Sgt. Maj. William T. Bissonette Jr., Fort McCoy garrison command sergeant major, Caswell served as the go-to person at Fort McCoy for the U.S. Army Reserve Command Committee (USARC) members located at Fort Bragg, N.C., or Fort McPherson, Ga., and helped keep things moving along smoothly.

“If they needed an answer, I could coordinate with the people on post to get it,” Caswell said.

Caswell said Fort McCoy is a perfect host site for the competition because it is the premier installation to support the Army Reserve mission and training.

“Everything they need to do in the competition can be done here,” he said.

The coordination involved many organizations and people on post to arrange ranges/training areas, lodging, food service, Directorate of Public Works support, audio visual support, etc., he said.

Soldiers, cadre and USARC support staff involved in the competition will live out in the field at the Fort McCoy NCO Academy Tactical Training Base during the competition.

Sgt. 1st Class Mark Sirois, the NCO Academy NCO in charge for the event, said the NCO Academy also will run the Army Physical Fitness Test, day and night land navigation events and a mystery event for the participants.

“It’s a big honor to support the event and hold it at Fort McCoy,” Sirois said. “It helps support the Army Reserve, and since people will be able to see it on live video streaming or on TV, it’s a good recruiting tool for the Army to recruit future Soldiers.”

Caswell said he arranged an event, the foot march, which is an update from last year’s 10K road march.

“We wanted to change the event this year to make it more battle-focused and realistic to what they would face in the Army,” Caswell said.
“Instead of giving them a distance to focus on, we wanted them to get a mission and complete the mission with the required equipment they likely would need to take along,” he added.

Mark Stelzner, Fort McCoy Range Scheduling, helped ensure the Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition had the required training ranges and facilities it needed.

Range Scheduling also ensured the other units or organizations training at the installation had the training areas/facilities they needed.
“We work with all the units that come here to ensure they get the training areas they need to help ensure they accomplish their missions,” he said.

Interested people can keep track of the competitors/competition online at http://www.facebook.com/myarmyreserve, http://www.bestwarrior.wordpress.com or http://www.flckr.com/photos/myarmyreserve.

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