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 July 23, 2010


Antiterrorism Awareness to be focus for August at McCoy

The Fort McCoy Antiterrorism Office will conduct antiterrorism training, education and awareness throughout August. Efforts will focus on heightening awareness and vigilance to prevent potential acts of terrorism and to protect the community from terrorists. By integrating antiterrorism doctrinal principles with constant antiterrorism awareness the Army ensures the safety and security of its people (Soldiers, Department of the Army civilians, and Family members) while ensuring mission success.

Displays scheduled for installation locations

Displays scheduled for installation locations Antiterrorism training, education and awareness displays will be set up from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. at the following Fort McCoy locations and dates:

• Post Exchange, building 1538, Aug. 2-6;
• McCoy’s, building 1571,
Aug. 9-13;
• Commissary, building 1537, Aug. 16-20 and
• ARRTC, building 50, Aug. 23-27.

Visitors to these locations can pick up posters, handouts and ask questions. Videos about Antiterrorism Month themes also will be available on the Fort McCoy Corporate Network and broadcast on TV-6.

Antiterrorism training, education and awareness support the entire Army community and are a critical part of the Army’s overall protection. Army policy requires all Soldiers and federal civilian employees to take a web-based course to teach effective actions to reduce profiles.

This course is called Level I Antiterrorism Training. Training can be completed at the website https://atlevel1.dtic.mil/at/ or through a link on the Fort McCoy Corporate Network.

Additionally, training can be coordinated with the Fort McCoy Antiterrorism Office. This training also is mandatory for Family members travelling on official orders overseas and is available for Families residing in the U.S., who plan to travel overseas.

The training offers details of personal protection and is fundamental in preventing terrorist attacks.

To help leverage every member of the Army community as a sensor to help identify and prevent potential terrorist acts, Fort McCoy has initiated the iWATCH program. The program aims to educate all members of the larger Army community about what to look for and what constitutes suspicious activity and to disseminate iWATCH materials to the Army community as widely as possible through multimedia means.

A simple report of a suspicious observation can lead to action that may stop a terrorist attack. Suspicious activities may include, but are not limited, to:

• People drawing or measuring important buildings;
• Strangers asking questions about security procedures;
• Briefcases, suitcases, backpacks, or packages left behind;
• Vehicles left in no-parking zones in front of important buildings;
• Intruders in secure areas where they do not belong;
• Chemical smells or fumes that seem out of the ordinary for a location;
• People purchasing bomb- or weapons-making material; and,
• People asking questions about sensitive information, such as building blueprints, security plans, and VIP travel.

Everyone in the Fort McCoy community can help keep the installation safe by reporting suspicious activities on Fort McCoy to the Police Department by calling 608-388-2000 or to the local police force if an incident happens off post. All emergency situations should be reported to the nearest local 911 dispatch center.

Military personnel residing in military Family housing on South Post should report suspicious activities to the Fort McCoy Police at 608-388-2000.

Fort McCoy Family Housing provides residents with handbooks and verbal briefings with emergency contact information during their move into military housing.

Woodridge Housing residents should report suspicious activities to the Tomah Police at 608-374-7400. Soldiers who rent or who own their own homes should contact their local city or county police.

For more information about the Antiterrorism Program at Fort McCoy, members of the Fort McCoy community can call 608-388-4719/4504.

(Submitted by Fort McCoy Antiterrorism Office.)

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