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                 July 22, 2011


Shopping Fort McCoy Exchange pays dividends to MWR programs

FORT MCCOY, Wis. (Army & Air Force Exchange Service) — The Fort McCoy Exchange, building 1538, is paying dividends in more ways than one as Soldiers exercising their benefit by dining and shopping at the installation facility last year generated a dividend of $134,398.07.
PHOTO: Soldiers choose items in the Military Clothing Sales of the Fort McCoy Exchange. Photo by Rob Schuette
Soldiers choose items in the Military Clothing Sales of the Fort McCoy Exchange. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

These funds are critical to the Army Installation Management Command Family & Morale, Welfare and Recreation Programs’ (Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command's (FMWRC)) ability to enhance local programs and facilities including the Community Activity Center, Rumpel Fitness Center, and McCoy’s.

“The Exchange’s dual mission is to provide goods and services at competitively low prices and generate earnings to support FMWRC programs,” said Fort McCoy Exchange Store Manager Neal Smart. “As a result, the dollars that troops and their Families use to shop the Exchange or eat at Specialty Express Food Court generate a healthy return by directly improving Army quality-of-life efforts.”

Steve Ard, the Fort McCoy Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) general manager, said the purchases by units training at the installation plays a big role in generating sales that result in the dividends.

“Troops training at Fort McCoy at this time of the year purchase a lot of snack items, such as candy, at the Exchange,” Ard said. “It’s been really busy here with the Minnesota National Guard conducting mobilization training and the ongoing exercises, like the Combat Support Training Exercise and the Patriot Exercise that are under way.”

Ard said AAFES also has an Express store in building 2662 to serve troops, which currently is open 11 a.m.-6 p.m. daily. AAFES hopes to continue to keep this facility open to provide convenient Exchange merchandise to Soldiers in that area, he said.

The Exchange’s dual benefit goes far beyond clothes, electronics or consumables that Soldiers can purchase. In fact, worldwide purchases made in the past 10 years have provided more than $2.4 billion to military MWR programs such as Youth Services, post functions and aquatic centers.

Historically, roughly two-thirds of Exchange earnings are paid to quality-of life programs, according to AAFES. In addition to funding these efforts, Exchange earnings are used to build new stores or renovate existing facilities without expense to the federal government. Funds to contract these new or replacement facilities also come entirely from sales of merchandise and services.

For more information about the Exchange or AAFES facilities at Fort McCoy, contact Crimson Hendricks, 608-269-5585 or hendricksc@aafes.com.

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