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                 July 22, 2011


Installation Safety Council discusses issues, concerns

By Geneve N. Mankel, Public Affairs Staff

The Fort McCoy Safety and Occupational Health Advisory Council/Community Health Promotion Council held its quarterly meeting July 12 to discuss safety issues and concerns pertaining to the Fort McCoy community.

All garrison and tenant organizations are invited to have a representative attend the council meeting, which is facilitated by the Installation Safety Office (ISO).

Ergonomic office equipment was discussed. Many organizations on post are purchasing new office chairs, said Deb Heise-Clark, Installation Ergonomics Coordinator. She said chairs should have some basic adjustments such as seat and back height, tilt and depth, arm width and height, and lumbar support.

“All individuals receiving new chairs must understand how to make adjustments so that the chair conforms to their individual needs,” she said.

Anyone in the Fort McCoy community who has questions about ergonomic office equipment can call Heise-Clark at 608-388-6450 for tips and information.

Army fatality trends also were discussed. According to the ISO, motorcycle and drowning fatalities have increased from fiscal year 2010. The Safety Council advises motorcycle riders to obey all safety regulations and rules and motorists be aware of motorcycle riders around them. Throughout the Army, numerous motorcycle fatalities have been caused by motor vehicle drivers not seeing a cyclist, said Garrison Command Sergeant Major Command Sgt. Maj. William T. Bissonette Jr. “It is important for all drivers to look both ways, and then look again before entering roadways.”

The increased population at Fort McCoy due to Soldiers training, youth attending summer camp programs and visitors to the installation combined with significant road construction on the installation poses potential safety hazards. Motorists must be aware of their surroundings, including troops walking or running on roadways, and obey all traffic signs.

Stop-sign and speeding violations have increased at the installation, according to Capt. Rick Jackson of the Fort McCoy Police Department. Personnel must make complete stops and abide by the posted speed limit. Citations will be issued to personnel who are stopped for these violations.

There have been 167 tick bites and 27 cases of Lyme disease recorded at Fort McCoy since April 28, said Tracy Saboy, Chief of the Occupational Health Clinic (OHC). Personnel in the field should take proper precautions such as tucking shirts into pants and pants into socks. Saboy emphasized that people always need to check themselves for ticks after being outside.
Removing a tick within 24 hours greatly diminishes the chances of contracting Lyme disease, he said. There are two types of insect sprays, one applied to the skin and the other is used on clothing. The OHC, building 1679, also can assist in removing ticks and providing tick information. The OHC can be reached at 608-388-3209/2414.

For more information on Fort McCoy safety, contact the ISO at 608-388-3403, or your organization’s Collateral Duty Safety Officer. The next Safety and Occupational Health Advisory Council/Community Health Promotion Council meeting is Tuesday, Oct. 11.

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