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July 13, 2012


McCoy hosts chemical units during Exercise Red Dragon 2012

Chemical units under the command of the 335th Signal Command (Theater), East Point, Ga., conducted Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) exercises at Fort McCoy during Exercise Red Dragon 2012 in June. Approximately 2,300 troops participated in the Fort McCoy portion of the exercise.
PHOTO: Soldiers move a 20-foot cargo container during Exercise Red Dragon 2012 at Fort McCoy. Photo by 1st Lt. Eric Connor
Soldiers with the 453rd Inland Cargo Transportation Company from Houston move a 20-foot cargo container during Exercise Red Dragon 2012 at Fort McCoy. (Photo by 1st Lt. Eric Connor)

Red Dragon is an annual CBRN-driven exercise, using Army Reserve chemical units to respond, assess, and decontaminate mass casualties.

Realistic disaster scenarios, developed in coordination with local first responders and authorities as well as civilian medical personnel, took place at Fort McCoy and across Wisconsin, including Sparta, and in Atlanta, and in Lake Forest (Chicago-area), Ill.

The 323rd, 342nd and 379th Chemical Companies, under the 472nd Chemical Battalion moved from Forward Operating Base Liberty June 1 at Fort McCoy to the Chicago area. The units responded to a simulated radiological event where Grainger headquarters in Lake Forest was attacked by a van that had 10,000 tons of explosives that blew up and spread a chemical and radiological cloud around the area.

The 450th Chemical Battalion and its down-trace units conducted the same exercise in the Atlanta area.

The 450th down-trace units responded to CBRN attacks during the course of the exercise.

The 453rd, 468th, 472nd, and the 490th Chemical Battalions also performed small reconnaissance and decontamination missions around the Fort McCoy area.

At Warrens Drop Zone, located at Fort McCoy, the 472nd deployed the 379th Chemical Heavy to do a reconnaissance mission and search for simulated biological contaminants in the air with its Biological Identification/Detection System units.

(Submitted by 335th Signal Command (Theater) Public Affairs Office, East Point, Ga.)

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