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Vehicle registration changes in effect

      Fort McCoy Vehicle Registration now is open from 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. weekdays. The facility is located in building 35 adjacent to the Main Gate.

      Another change is personnel who have possession of a valid U.S. government identification (ID) card and do not have permanent decals on their vehicle do not need to go to Vehicle Registration to receive a Temporary Vehicle Pass. They can go to the Main Gate, where they will be issued a pass.

      Valid U.S. government ID cards include, but are not limited to, uniformed services IDs, DoD/DA civilian IDs, military dependent IDs, retired military/dependent IDs, contractor IDs, and any U.S. government agency-issued IDs.

      Personnel with government IDs who do not have permanent decals but wish to be issued them must go to Vehicle Registration and provide their Identification Card and vehicle registration information to the clerk during duty hours.

      Visitors, defined as those who have no government affiliation, still are required to obtain a Temporary Vehicle Pass by going to Vehicle Registration with a valid driver's license and vehicle registration information. Visitors generally will be issued one-day passes. Transient personnel who have government IDs and official orders, such as Soldiers attending schools or Extended Combat Training, or personnel attending conferences, etc., can be issued passes for the length of their stay.

      All adults entering Fort McCoy, including drivers and passengers, must show photo IDs at all gates. Minors who do not have photo identification, but are accompanied by an adult with valid identification, will be permitted to enter the installation.

      Questions regarding vehicle registration/vehicle pass policies and procedures can be addressed by calling Vehicle Registration during operating hours at (608) 388-4988/8415.

      After hours, contact the Fort McCoy Police Desk at (608) 388-2266.


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