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Fort McCoy gets federal trademark 
for Triad Logo

      Someone can scarcely enter Fort McCoy without noticing the Triad Logo displayed prominently on various structures, publications, and Soldiers' uniforms throughout the installation. 

      Fort McCoy recently took steps to obtain a federal trademark registration to protect its intellectual property rights in the Triad Logo. A trademark or a service mark is a distinctive word, phrase, logo, domain name, graphic symbol, slogan, or other device that is used to identify the source of a product or service and to distinguish a manufacturer's or merchant's products and services from others.

Graphic: Triad Logo Trademark

      Some examples of famous trademarks are Nike (sports apparel), Gatorade (beverages), Microsoft (software), Kinko's (photocopying service), Blockbuster (video rental service), and FedEx (delivery services).

      The Triad Logo includes the unique depiction of the triangular shape of the cantonment area at Fort McCoy. Fort McCoy was the only U.S. Army  installation to be laid out in such a configuration. Thus, the Triad Logo has a unique and long-standing connection with Fort McCoy.

      The Deputy Staff Judge Advocate at Fort McCoy, Lt. Col. Hal Baird, has intellectual property law experience. His experience, guidance and work was instrumental in obtaining the federal trademark registration of the Triad Logo.

      "One of the ways to establish a symbol or logo as a trademark or service mark is to use it over a long period of time, as the installation has used the Triad Logo," Baird said. Fort McCoy continuously has used the Triad Logo in a variety of different contexts since May 1975, about eight months after the installation was renamed "Fort McCoy" in place of "Camp McCoy." 

      Baird explained that, "By using this symbol over time, Fort McCoy has established in the minds of the public that it is the source or sponsor of any goods, services, or events associated with the Triad Logo." 

      Federal registration of the Triad Logo signifies that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has concluded that Fort McCoy holds the exclusive right to use the Triad Logo in connection with products, services, and events, Baird said. Since only Fort McCoy is authorized to use the Triad Logo in this manner, members of the public can feel secure that Fort McCoy is the source or sponsor of any product, service, or event with which the Triad Logo is displayed or used.

      As the owner of a federal trademark registration on the Triad Logo, Fort McCoy is authorized to display the symbol with the Triad Logo.

      Baird added that because only owners of federally registered trademarks and service marks are authorized under U.S. law to display the symbol with their marks, the use of the symbol places the world on notice that the Triad Logo is a federally registered trademark.

      Fort McCoy uses its federally registered Triad Logo for a number of specific installation purposes, including as a unit crest to identify Soldiers wearing this crest on their uniforms as members of the U.S. Army Garrison at Fort McCoy.

      Fort McCoy's ownership of the federal trademark registration of the Triad Logo enables the installation to control how the Trial Logo is used and who is authorized to use it.

      Baird said that the use of the Triad Logo requires specific approval from the Fort McCoy Garrison Command Group. Upon receipt of Command Group approval, authorized individuals may request copies of the official Triad Logo from the Fort McCoy Directorate of Emergency Services/Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security Training Support Section.

      For more information about trademarks and service marks, visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office Web site at http://www.uspto.gov.

      For more information regarding trademarks and service marks within the Fort McCoy community, call Baird at (608) 388-5390.

(Submitted by the Fort McCoy Installation Legal Office.)


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