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June 22, 2012


Warrior Exercise 2012 prepares Soldiers for future missions

By Sgt. 1st Class Benjamin Hokkanen, 86th Training Division Public Affairs

FORT MCCOY, Wis. — Warrior Exercise (WAREX) 2012 began here June 9 and will run through June 29. The 86th Training Division of Fort McCoy, is in command of the exercise for the first time, with support from the 75th Training Division, 84th Training Command, First U.S. Army, various Combat Trainer (CT) and Observer Controller (OC) units, and other support units from across the Army and Navy Reserves.
PHOTO: Warrior Exercise 2012. Photo by Sgt. Timothy Popp
Soldiers from the 401st Chemical Company and 477th Medical Company react to a simulated improvised explosive device attack at the Host Nation Engagement Lane during Warrior Exercise 2012, which was run by the 86th Training Division. (Photo by Sgt. Timothy Popp)

The WAREX prepared more than 80 units and 4,200 Soldiers for future missions by ensuring proficiency in both technical and tactical skills.

WAREX 2012 focused on Warrior Battle Drills, and assisted the trained units to achieve their Commander’s Training Objectives (CTOs), said Col. Richard Kucksdorf, deputy exercise director, 86th Training Division.

To achieve a “Trained” status for the many CTOs, the trained units participate in many different squad- and platoon-level Lanes events and Situational Training Exercises. Training events included the Army Humvee Egress Assistance Trainer, virtual convoy and weapons training simulators, day- and night convoy operations, Host Nation Engagement training, Base Defense drills, firefighter training, and many unit-specific training events at Fort McCoy.

A main focus of WAREX is to help grow new leaders, Kucksdorf said. The Army has planned, equipped, facilitated, and evaluated all of the training events for units for the past 11 years. Many of today’s leaders have been going to war and training by arriving with minimal equipment and falling in on pre-existing housing, equipment and training plans.

The 86th Training Division plans to change that by facilitating and assisting in the evaluation of the training, but having trained units’ leaders to do the rest, said Kucksdorf. This adjustment will result in leaders and units who are better prepared to plan and perform future missions.

“We want to afford the opportunity for leaders to lead,” said Kucksdorf. “WAREX will help the Army Reserve grow more-competent leaders by allowing them to plan their own training. Soldiers will follow leaders who lead.”

Look for more coverage and highlights of WAREX in the July 13 issue of The Real McCoy.

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