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June 10, 2011


Marked routes available for McCoy runners

Story & photo by Rob Schuette, Public Affairs Staff

Runners at Fort McCoy have several choices to run one- to five-mile marked routes at the installation.

The Rumpel Fitness Center, building 1122, has an outdoor venue and indoor route. A one-half mile asphalt track and an adjoining fitness structure is available near Parade Field 1. A running route has been marked on the installation cantonment area’s far west side on West 13th Avenue to serve mobilizing troops, and Soldiers here for two-week or weekend training.
PHOTO: Soldiers conduct an Army Physical Fitness Test run at the one-half mile training track. Photo by Rob Schuette
Instructors from the 1st, 426th (Field Artillery) of the Wisconsin Military Academy at Fort McCoy conduct an Army Physical Fitness Test run at the one-half mile training track near Parade Field 1.

Rumpel Fitness Center
Jeff Utesch, Fort McCoy Rumpel Fitness Center manager, said the fitness center has marked one-, two-, three- and five-mile routes, which begin near the fitness center entrance. The one-mile route also traverses the same route as a one-mile fitness route, which includes various obstacles or fitness stations to negotiate, he said.

“Members of the Fort McCoy community can use the fitness center routes, and they don’t need to reserve the routes,” Utesch said. “We have designed the routes to keep runners away from traffic as much as possible.”

Maps of the routes are available inside the Rumpel Fitness Center, building 1122, or smaller versions can be obtained at the facility to be used for guidance on the route. Markers also are placed along the routes with arrows to guide runners.

An indoor running track in the fitness center also is available for use during normal business hours, and is a good choice in inclement weather, Utesch said. Only authorized patrons can use the indoor track. Authorized patrons also can use the fitness center locker room/shower facilities to secure their regular clothing, change into running gear or physical training clothing and shower when finished with their activities.

For more information, visit the fitness center or call 608-388-2290.

One-half mile track
The one-half mile track has a priority for military usage, such as for those personnel taking the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT), said Mark Stelzner, Fort McCoy Range scheduler.

Units using the adjoining indoor structure to take the APFT are encouraged to reserve the facility, because they will need to pick up keys and clear the facility when they complete their training. Stelzner said reservations can be made on the Fort McCoy Extranet by filling out Form 38. For more information or to check the scheduled use of the facility, call 608-388-5313/4142/3024.

“Members of the Fort McCoy community can use the facility when there is no one using it,” Stelzner said. “They will need to yield to units that have scheduled the use of the facility. If units want to ensure they will have unrestricted access to the track or building, they should reserve its use in advance. ”

MOB PT route
Mobilized units and Soldiers at Fort McCoy for two-week or weekend training can use the two- to four-mile MOB PT route, which is closed to traffic from 5-8 a.m. daily.

Master Sgt. Scott Penkova, the Contingency Operating Base mayor for mobilization, said units or individuals can use the route on a first-come, first-served basis, and must follow all the rules of running outside on the streets at Fort McCoy.

“Troops running in formation on this route need to wear a safety belt or vest,” Penkova said. “If troops run outside the no-traffic time, they will need to provide road guards. Signs are posted in the area to remind motorists passing troops that they must drive 10 mph.”

For more information about the route, call 608-388-1027.

Randy Eddy, Fort McCoy Installation Safety Office (ISO) safety manager, said anyone running on Fort McCoy streets is encouraged to run on marked routes. Formations should run in the same direction as vehicular traffic, or, if running individually, facing oncoming traffic. The use of headphones is prohibited when running outdoors, except for the outdoor one-half mile track.

“Individuals and units are highly encouraged to use designated physical training sites and running tracks to the maximum extent possible,” Eddy said. “Individuals and units should avoid the use of high-traffic roadways for physical training. The primary purpose of roadways on Fort McCoy is vehicular traffic.”

Capt. Rick Jackson, Fort McCoy police, said motorists encountering anyone, including troops, in formation are reminded the formation has the right of way and they should pass formations at 10 mph.

Anyone who runs during hours of reduced visibility, such as before sunrise, after sunset or during periods of inclement weather must wear either a reflective safety vest or belt.

Utesch said the fitness center has reflective vests or belts authorized fitness center patrons can check out.

Authorized military personnel can buy reflective safety vests or belts at the Exchange, building 1538. Reflective vests can be checked out at Lodging, building 51. Reflective belts are sold at Lodging for anyone in the Fort McCoy community.
For more information about safety issues, call ISO at 608-388-3403.

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