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June 10, 2011


NCO Academy classroom facility approved

Phase II construction at the Fort McCoy Staff Sgt. Todd R. Cornell Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Academy at Fort McCoy has been approved and will begin sometime this fall.
PHOTO: Meeting held at Fort McCoy to discuss the NCO Academy Phase II project. Photo by Rob Schuette
Personnel from the Army Corps of Engineers and the contracted firm, DeArteaga-Miron, Joint Venture, LLC, Neenah, Wis., meet at Fort McCoy to discuss the NCO Academy Phase II project. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

The project will add 12 classrooms to the NCO Academy. Roy Brewer, Fort McCoy resident engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers, said the facility will be constructed on a vacant lot located near Phase I construction.

Phase I construction, concluded in September 2007, and provided an administrative building in the installation’s 1300 block.
The NCO Academy provides professional-development training to Army Reserve Soldiers, specifically noncommissioned officers.

The Phase II classrooms will support NCO Academy courses, consolidate most of the NCO instructors and students, and provide the most-modern computer/technological amenities available. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville is the contracting oversight organization, with assistance from the Omaha, Neb., office.

DeArteaga-Miron, Joint Venture (JV), LLC, Neenah, Wis., was awarded the $7,840,305 contract in May. Nine bids were received for the project, which will be funded with Major Construction, Army Reserve funding, Brewer said.

The two-story, 37,000-square-foot classroom facility is being constructed as a design/build facility, Brewer said.

Betty Beck, Army Corps of Engineers project manager, said DeArteaga-Miron JV will have 18 months to complete the Phase II project after construction begins. Beck said DeArteaga and Miron, both small businesses, submitted a joint-venture bid to share the contract.

If construction begins this fall after the design/build plan is submitted, it is scheduled to be completed in the early 2013 time frame, Beck said.

After construction of the NCO Academy classroom facility is completed, planning/construction for Phase III of the program will intensify, Brewer said. Phase III of the NCO Academy project is to build a dormitory structure to house students attending NCO Academy courses.

No dates or funding have been established to construct Phase III of the project, said Tom Murphy, Army Corps of Engineers project manager. Phase III also will be constructed with Major Construction, Army Reserve funding.

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