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June 08, 2012


South Post Housing residents earn rewards for efforts in energy-conservation

South Post Military Family Housing is promoting an Energy Awareness Program at Fort McCoy.

Families who have the greatest savings are rewarded throughout the year.

PHOTO: The Wagner Family is presented with a riding lawn mower. Photo by Rob Schuette
Sherry Oslie (left) and Ross O’Neil presented members of the Col. Kurt Wagner (88th Regional Support Command) Family, including Col. Wagner, Autumn, Connor and Patrick (on mower) with the riding lawn mower the Family will have exclusive use of during the mowing season. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

Ross O’Neil, chief of the Fort McCoy Housing Division, said everyone in the housing area will receive a monthly energy usage/consumption report.

“The report is prepared and forwarded to the Families to create awareness of the utilities being consumed each month and to encourage participation in the Family Housing Energy Awareness Program,” O’Neil said.

Families must have lived in their homes for at least six months to be considered for a reward.

The Col. Kurt Wagner Family is the first to be recognized for the greatest year-to-date energy savings as of May 1.

As the first recipient, the Wagner Family gets exclusive use of a riding lawn mower to take care of their lawn-mowing needs during the mowing season.

Use of the riding lawn mowers generally is shared between several Families.

The Wagner Family said the key to their winning was being vigilant about heat use during the heating season.

Family members also turned off lights when rooms weren’t in use and are aware of and worked to limit water usage.

Sherry Oslie, Family Housing manager, said South Post Housing residents pay for major utilities, such as water, sewer, electricity and gas, as part of forfeiting their basic allowance for housing.

“Everyone benefits in the housing area when we save energy costs,” Oslie said. “The money we save can be used for other more-permanent projects, such as project improvements, parks and other recreational areas, to benefit all housing residents.”

Oslie said other rewards are planned. The household with the greatest year-to-date energy savings as of Oct. 1 will receive the exclusive use of a snow blower for the winter season. Snow blower use normally is shared among several Families.

Other prizes Families can win include Exchange gift certificates and pizza packs, free bowling, and DVD rental certificates from the Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs.

For more information about the energy-conservation program, South Post residents can call 608-388-2804.

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