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June 08, 2012


Berry fills role as 88th RSC commander, McCoy senior commander

By Darrin McDufford, 88th Regional Support Command Public Affairs

FORT MCCOY, Wis. — Maj. Gen. Glenn J. Lesniak relinquished command of the 88th Regional Support Command (RSC) to Brig. Gen. Alton G. Berry during a change-of-command ceremony at Fort McCoy May 19.

PHOTO: Brig. Gen. Alton G. Berry

Berry accepted the 88th’s colors, which date back to Camp Dodge, Iowa in 1917, from Maj. Gen. Keith Thurgood, Deputy Command General-Support, U. S. Army Reserve.

Berry expressed thanks to Lesniak for his mentorship, guidance and leadership during his tenure at the 88th RSC.
Berry also becomes Fort McCoy’s senior commander.

“Successful units like this do not materialize out of the thin air. They represent an evolution and continuation of the hard work and dedication of generations of leaders who came before,” said Berry.

Lesniak, the outgoing commander, said, “I want you all to remember and continue to support our legacy of the 88th Infantry Division. There is our wall of honor. They remind us that what we do comes with great sacrifice and great commitment. Do not forget your legacy.”

Lesniak stressed to the staff at the 88th RSC, “You should all be proud of what you have accomplished here the past three years. You embrace the customer focus mentality and have taken customer service to a whole higher level of excellence.”

The 88th has been a part of many accomplishments seeing many armed forces centers open and some that encompass multiple services serving in a centralized facility. The 88th RSC also conducts promotion boards, improves the support to units, and maintains the facilities throughout the region while continuing to support Base Realignment and Closure Act of 2005.

Maj. Gen. Keith L. Thurgood challenged Berry to continue the 88th’s success as he wanted everyone to know their role importance to the Army Reserve.

PHOTO: Maj. Gen. Keith Thurgood, (second from right), passes the colors to Brig. Gen. Alton G. Berry at Fort McCoy. Maj. Gen. Glenn Lesniak, right, observes. Photo by Allan Harding
Maj. Gen. Keith Thurgood, (second from right), passes the colors to Brig. Gen. Alton G. Berry at Fort McCoy. Maj. Gen. Glenn Lesniak, right, observes. (Photo by Allan Harding)

“The Army Reserve is an important part of the force, part of the joint force. The Army is the land force of decisive action. The 88th that Brigadier General. Berry now commands is part of that great legacy to prevent, to shape and to win,” Thurgood said as he encouraged the new commander and his staff.

Over the past two years the 88th Regional Support Command won the 2011 Army Communities of Excellence and placed second in the 2010 competition.

Lesniak is taking the reins of the Deputy Commanding General-Support at the U.S. Army Reserve Command.

Berry will take over the Army Reserve’s 88th Regional Support Command that provides essential base operations support in the areas of personnel, operations, information management, logistics and facility management in their new 19-state region in the northwest quadrant of the country.

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