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May 28, 2010

Summer safety campaign continues through Sept. 30
The Army will commit to safeguarding Soldiers, Army civilians and their Families with the launch of the 2010 Safe Summer campaign.

The 2010 Campaign stresses proactive, prevention-focused risk mitigation during the summer months. The campaign, which runs through Sept. 30, encourages members of the Army Family to have fun this summer but keep a watchful eye on the risk associated with every activity.
PHOTO: The Fort McCoy Patriot Warrior Riders held a group motorcycle ride in conjunction with the Armed Forces Day Open House. Photo by Rob Schuette
The Fort McCoy Patriot Warrior Riders held a group motorcycle ride in conjunction with the Armed Forces Day Open House. Twelve riders left the morning of May 15 to go to the High Ground in Neillsville, Wis. The riders went through the safety checklists and briefings and let Open House participants see and hear the bikes as they lined up. Photo by Rob Schuette

This campaign, located on the U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center Web site at https://safety.army.mil, offers posters, videos and feature articles on more than 20 summer topics, including all-terrain vehicle/dirt-bike safety, camping/hiking safety, vacation safety, outdoor grilling and food preparation, water/swimming safety, and home safety.

Summer is a very dangerous time of the year for the Army with notable increases in off-duty accidental fatalities. The Fort McCoy Installation Safety Office (ISO) wants to remind everyone about Traffic Safety.

When traveling throughout Wisconsin, check on construction zones on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Web site at http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov. By doing so, you can better plan your route and departure time to ensure a safe arrival at your destination.

Soldiers planning vehicle trips away from home for leave, pass or temporary duty are required to use the Travel Risk Planning System (TRiPS), which is available at the Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center Web site, to determine the risks involved with their travel. Anyone with an Army Knowledge Online account can access and use the system.

Motorcycle safety involves everyone who uses the public roadways. Motorcycles/mopeds are far less crashworthy than enclosed vehicles, are less visible to other drivers and pedestrians and are less stable than four-wheeled vehicles. Railroad crossings, potholes, and other places where the road’s smoothness is affected have to be ridden over with care. Drivers behind motorcycles should be prepared to let them slow down and change lane positions sufficiently for maximum safety.

Swimming and other water-related activities are excellent ways to get the physical activity needed for a healthy life, and millions of people enjoy lakes, rivers, and pools, each year. However, it is important to be aware of ways to prevent water-related injuries. Wearing personal flotation devices, obeying the laws, and using Composite Risk Management will mitigate most of these injuries.

For more information about safety in the Fort McCoy community, call the ISO at 608-388-3403, visit the office at building 1678 or visit the Safety Section on the Fort McCoy Extranet, which is accessible through the public Web site at http://www.mccoy.army.mil.

(Submitted by McCoy Installation Safety Office)

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