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May 27, 2011  


New Medical Readiness Facilities in use

New Medical Readiness Facilities at Fort McCoy provide mobilizing and demobilizing Soldiers with the most modern technology and service areas available, said 2nd Lt. Kortney Warren.

Warren, the Operations officer for Mobilization Health Services at Fort McCoy, said the facilities, buildings 2693 and 2694, have been in use for nearly two months.

PHOTO: Soldiers wait for their turn in the new Medical Readiness Facilities in buildings 2693 and 2694. Photo by Rob Schuette
Soldiers wait for their turn in the new Medical Readiness Facilities in buildings 2693 and 2694. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

“The facilities bring all of the Soldier Readiness Center medical services into one central location, which is convenient for the Soldiers,” Warren said. “The facilities also were built to handle modern medical needs and equipment and provide for privacy.”

An updated area for the patient administration section allows for electronic handling of patient medical records, he said. Equipment was moved from the old facilities and is being replaced/upgraded, as possible.

Services provided in the new buildings include immunizations, Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics, medical review and audiology in the future. Dentistry and personnel record services will continue to be provided in buildings 2668 and 2643, respectively.

Because the new buildings are dedicated solely to Medical Readiness Review, Soldiers can concentrate on what they need to do to ensure their medical records are completed properly, Warren said. The floor layout also is user friendly, and staff is available to help guide Soldiers through the facilities, he said.

Soldiers also will find the facilities offer comfortable waiting areas where they can relax and watch video on flex, flat-screen televisions. Warren said this helps reduce the stress often involved in the process.

“We’ve been working all the bugs out of operating in the new buildings and getting ready for the expected surge of mobilizing/demobilizing troops in the upcoming months,” Warren said. “It will be a great thing for the Soldiers.”

Fort McCoy permanent-party personnel and their Family members will continue to have their medical needs met through the TRICARE program using off-post medical providers.

The Troop Medical Clinic handles sick call for mobilizing and demobilizing Soldiers.

For more information about medical needs for mobilizing and demobilizing Soldiers, call the SRC medical facilities at 608-388-6468.

For more information about TMC services, call 608-388-3025.

For more information about TRICARE, visit the website at www.tricare.mil (www.tricare.mil/contacts/   for regional TRICARE telephone numbers) or call 1-877-TRICARE (874-2273).

For answers to TRICARE questions in the Fort McCoy community, call the health benefits adviser at 608-388-2246.

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