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May 25, 2012


ICE supports customer service management at Fort McCoy

Customer feedback is a critical element in helping Fort McCoy provide the best-possible customer service. The Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) System, the Department of Defense’s standard customer feedback mechanism used by all Army organizations, provides an easy way for customers to provide feedback to service providers. Fort McCoy adopted the ICE program in 2002 and continues to use the system as one facet of its balanced approach to customer management.

ICE results are important to garrison leadership for identifying process-improvement opportunities as well as for recognizing service areas that are exceeding customer expectations. ICE comments provide valuable information, which managers review and use to correct problems identified by their customers.

Many times customers who have a service complaint will offer a solution, which can be evaluated by leadership and implemented to improve a service.

Often customers will include their phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or other contact information along with their comments, making it easy for the service provider to follow-up and garner even more details for resolving problems and improving service.

An important area in customer relationship building is to follow-up when customers leave contact information; it costs the organization nothing and has the potential for magnifying its positive effect by engaging the customer in the garrison’s service delivery improvement efforts.

Installation Management Command (IMCOM), U.S. Army Garrison, Fort McCoy’s higher headquarters, scrutinizes ICE results to determine the level of service provided at each IMCOM garrison.

Laura La Marche, Fort McCoy ICE Site Manager in the Plans, Analysis, and Integration Office said customer management includes both hard and soft data, which is analyzed and used in continuous process improvement.

Hard data includes information that is fact-driven and measurable, such as number of repeat customers, new customer information, lost customer data, and customer retention.

Soft data, which ICE provides, includes opinion information gathered through surveys, comment cards, focus groups, and one-on-one contact with customers to determine their viewpoints on specific services.

Both types of data are important in a balanced customer-management system, but neither is more important than the other when determining customer management strategies, La Marche said.

Fort McCoy’s work force has been recognized for doing everything possible to meet customer needs. ICE and other customer feedback mechanisms will help maintain high levels of customer satisfaction despite anticipated resource reductions.
Customers wishing to provide service feedback through the Fort McCoy ICE site can do so online, and in some cases on-site. Online comments can be submitted through the Fort McCoy Corporate Network and the Fort McCoy public website. The ICE website is available from any computer with Internet access at: http://ice.disa.mil/index.cfm?fa=site&site_id-344.

Personnel with questions about the Fort McCoy ICE site can call the Plans, Analysis and Integration Office at 608-388-8443 and ask for ICE assistance.

The Plans, Analysis and Integration Office is offering garrison-assigned ICE Service Provider Managers (SPMs) training to develop their skills in using the ICE system to its fullest potential.

The one-hour training will be provided on a cyclical basis to keep SPM skills current with system requirements.

Anyone assigned SPM responsibilities at Fort McCoy can contact La Marche at 608-388-2062 to pre-register for a scheduled session.

(Submitted by Plans, Analysis and Integration Office.)

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