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PX outdoor food court opens

      The Fort McCoy Post Exchange (PX) outdoor food court is open and providing additional food choices and quicker food service for deploying Soldiers this summer.

      Irene Urata, Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) services business manager, said the facilities again are offered through AAFES contracts.

Photo: Customers order food from Tacos Paisa II, which is part of the Fort McCoy outdoor food court. (Photo by Rob Schuette)
Customers order food from Tacos Paisa II, which is part of the Fort McCoy outdoor food court. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

      In addition to mobilized military personnel, the services also serve the Fort McCoy work force and other military and civilian personnel on post. The facilities are near the parking area north of building 1668.

      The offerings will include Gyro's and Tacos Paisa II, which already are open, and two barbecue concessions, which will be open soon.

      Gyro's offers European (Greek) fare, including soft-wrapped meat, such as lamb or beef. Tacos Paisa II specializes in tacos and burritos and other Mexican food.

      The barbecue concessions will include Old Plantation, which also was at Fort McCoy last summer, and Johnny Q, which is from Sparta, Urata said.

      Hours for the food services will vary and will be driven by post mobilization troop populations. For more information, call the PX Administrative Office at (608) 269-5585 to confirm availability.

      All of the contracted facilities must meet the same high food and quality standards that other AAFES operations must meet, Urata said.

      Urata said the facilities will provide a variety of food to help satisfy everyone's culinary tastes.

      AAFES also offers services through the Specialty Express Food Court in the Main Post Exchange, building 1538, and at the Rustic Inn, building 200. The Specialty Food Court offers Robin Hood sandwiches and Anthony's Pizza.

      The outdoor food court location is ideal in that it is centrally located and provides convenient access for motor-vehicle traffic.

      Urata said the location also is safer for pedestrians than doing it in the Main PX parking lot, which has the Commissary, building 1537, located next door.

      The outdoor food court also helps the AAFES operation generate additional revenue, which helps support the Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) offerings at Fort McCoy.

      All of the revenue generated by every AAFES activity is directly returned to the community through increased contributions to the MWR Fund, which funds additional quality-of-life projects and programs.


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