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Expanded medical services available at Occupational Health Nursing Office

      Civilian and military personnel in the Fort McCoy community needing medical treatment support will benefit from additional job responsibilities being assumed by the installation's Occupational Health Nursing Office (OHNO) nurse.

Photo: Barb Stafslien, a certified nurse practitioner for OHNO, helps a customer fit ear plugs at the Health and Wellness Fair. (Photo by Rob Schuette)
Barb Stafslien, a certified nurse practitioner for OHNO, helps a customer fit ear plugs at the Health and Wellness Fair. 
(Photo by Rob Schuette)

      Stafslien, a certified Family Nurse Practitioner has been functioning in a registered nurse (RN)  only capacity at OHNO. The Fort Knox, Ky., Medical Department Activity (MEDDAC), has credentialed her to allow her to  perform nurse practitioner duties.

      Before the most-recent change, OHNO only could provide basic services for civilian employees, such as vision and blood-pressure checks.

      New employees, fire, police and childcare personnel who needed complete physicals had to go to TMC. Now, OHNO can provide these services under the new agreement.

      Stafslien initially was employed as a nurse practitioner at the Troop Medical Clinic (TMC).            

      "I enjoyed seeing all family members," Stafslien said. "When TRICARE Remote (healthcare system) was enacted, family members were no longer seen at TMC so I took the RN position at OHNO."

      TMC has become so busy taking care of mobilizing and demobilizing Soldiers that permanent-party Soldiers at Fort McCoy, at times, don't have timely access to medical services.

      Stafslien will have hours in the Soldier Readiness Center two days a week to provide Post Deployment Health Reassessments and Periodic Health Assessments. If necessary, Stafslien also will support the medical needs of mobilizing and demobilizing Soldiers.

      "This will help free up providers at TMC to provide services to these Soldiers," Stafslien said.

      Stafslien will continue working with a number of installation boards, including the workers' compensation program and the childcare program, to support their medical needs.

      "The workers compensation program (which includes OHNO, the Installation Safety Office and the Civilian Advisory Personnel Center  meets monthly to manage all inquiries to get people back to work," Stafslien said.

      "Now that I can function in my provider capacity, personnel can be evaluated in a more timely manner allowing them to return to  work sooner,"  she said.

      As a nurse practitioner, Stafslien noted there are treatments, procedures and testing that the OHNO will not be capable of providing.

      In those instances, some personnel will be referred to their healthcare providers for medical treatment and follow-up.

      Because OHNO basically is a two-person office, with one of those positions being administrative, personnel also may find themselves being referred to their healthcare providers for treatment in the event that Stafslien is out of the office and providing services/support to other groups.

      For more information about OHNO services available at Fort McCoy, federal civilian personnel can call the office at (608) 388-3209/2414.

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