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Fort McCoy competitive sourcing performance decision released

      FORT McCOY, Wis. -- The Competitive Sourcing performance decision involving approximately 46 civilian positions of the Fort McCoy Directorate of Information Management was announced May 9 by the Garrison Commander, Col. David E. Chesser.

      The competition resulted in the decision that the work performed by government employees is the most cost efficient for the taxpayer.

      Competitive Sourcing is a process to determine if it is more cost effective to perform certain installation work 'in-house' with federal employees or with a private-sector service provider.

      The federal Office of Management and Budget Circular A-76 provides a very specific set of criteria to ensure that private-sector offerors compete using the same technical and workload requirements used by the federal government.

      This performance decision begins a 20-day public review and contest period involving this solicitation.

      Federal regulations specify the procedures that must be followed after the announcement of the performance decision.

      Competition documentation is available for review on the Federal Business Opportunities Web site (http://www.fedbizopps.gov).

      Further information regarding the Competitive Sourcing program can be found at the Share A-76 Web site (http://sharea76.fedworx.org/).


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