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Woodridge Military Housing to hold Yard of the Month program throughout summer

Is your yard the best-looking among the 80 Woodridge Military Housing homes located in the Fort McCoy community? The homes are located in Tomah.

What about in the neighborhood? Woodridge Military Housing senior leadership personnel encourages residents to take pride in their home and neighborhoods by inspiring families living in this housing complex to participate in a competition called Woodridge’s Yard of the Month.

Just by keeping the yard and driveway free of grease, oil, litter, weeds and other debris may place the yard in the running toward becoming Yard of the Month. Enhancing the yard with well-kept flower beds, keeping sidewalks and driveways swept with very few weeds in the cracks and the yard free of clutter will definitely show your family’s pride in the community.

There are self-help items available at the Maintenance Center located on Evergreen Pass. Items available include grass seed, fertilizer, black dirt, mulch, and yard tools to make it all happen.

Judging will be conducted the second week of each month during June, July, August and September. A committee will select the yard of the month. If a water restriction is in effect during these months, consideration will be given for grass and flowers. Only one yard per month will be selected, and a yard only can be selected once during the year. Winners will be notified on the Friday of the second week of the month.

The Neighborhood Yard of the Month winners will receive a Department of the Army Certificate of Commendation from the Woodridge Mayor, and a Neighborhood Yard of the Month sign displayed in the yard for the duration of the month.

Recognition of Yard of the Month winners will take place at the resident’s home at a time of their convenience.

For details on the Yard of the Month Program, contact the Woodridge mayor at 608-315-0044, or the Fort McCoy Family Housing Office at 608-388-3704.


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