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Fort McCoy to serve as 1 of 3 sites 
for 2009 Global Medic Exercise

By Maj. Brian Johnson, The Real McCoy Contributor

The 7306th Medical Exercise Support Battalion, stationed at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, will be responsible for coordinating and facilitating the 2009 Global Medic Exercise for the U.S. Army Reserve.

Photo: Personnel participating in a previous Global Medic exercise move a simulated casualty. (File Photo)
Personnel participating in a previous Global Medic exercise move a simulated casualty. (File Photo)

This year, Global Medic will take place at Fort McCoy, Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif., and Fort Gordon, Ga., in June.

Global Medic is the premiere medical training exercise conducted within the Army Reserve and exercises the functional operational readiness of assigned medical units in a joint and coalition training environment.

The exercise will coordinate the combined skills of the Army, the Army Reserve, the Army National Guard, the Navy Reserve, the Air Force Reserve, the Air National Guard and the Marine Corps.

Global Medic will build upon the successes of previous Global Medic exercises, incorporating both live and virtual simulation.

The exercise provides realistic, battle-focused training scenarios as medical operating systems train in their individual and collective sub-tasks, giving them the unparalleled opportunity to plan, prepare and execute medical training as part of a deployed task force.

In fact, Global Medic replicates all aspects of combat-service support on the battlefield and allows units to "train as we fight."

During Global Medic, training scenarios will replicate medical operations as they currently are conducted in Southwest Asia, where the efforts and expertise of medical personnel have resulted in a survivability rate of more than 90 percent the highest in the history of warfare.

Large numbers of patients will be incorporated concurrently across the three exercise locations, providing training opportunities on battle trauma, disease non-battle injuries, and combat stress casualties using both strategic and tactical airlift capabilities for evacuation medical missions.

(Johnson is with the 7306th Medical Exercise Support Battalion Public Affairs Office.)


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