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 May 14, 2010


IMMA receives Army maintenance award

Story & Photo by Rob Schuette, Public Affairs Office

The Fort McCoy Installation Materiel Maintenance Activity (IMMA) has won the Department of the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence (AAME) in the medium category for IMCOM Directorate of Logistics (DOL) organizations for fiscal year 2009.

The AAME will be presented formally in June at the Combined Logistics Excellence Award Ceremony hosted by the Chief of Staff of the Army, in Richmond, Va.

PHOTO: Brian Seely (left) and Andrew Seitz of the Installation Materiel Maintenance Activity (Logistics Support Group) work on engine rehabilitation at the IMMA. Photo by Rob Schuette
Brian Seely (left) and Andrew Seitz of the Installation Materiel Maintenance Activity (Logistics Support Group) work on engine rehabilitation at the IMMA.

The IMMA provides materiel maintenance sup-port to all Fort McCoy base operations, reserve-component training units, and tenant activities. By employing skilled technicians and support personnel, the IMMA ensures customers receive quality service within the proper mission-priority sequence. During FY 2009 this included completing repairs to more than 10,000 pieces of mobilization/demobilization equipment.

Bill Kaurudar, chief of the Maintenance Division for the Fort McCoy DOL, said this first-ever Army maintenance excellence award for IMMA is a testament to the organization’s contract work force and contractor, the Logistics Solutions Group (LSG) of Hopewell, Va., who do quality work to support customers’ needs.

The IMMA had applied for the award previously, but the maintenance awards were mainly for field maintenance organizations. For the first time ever, the IMMA was able to submit its nomination in a specific DOL category.

“The award process is very comprehensive and in-depth,” Kaurudar said. “You have to address all aspects of the operation.”

The contractor is very responsive to what needs to be done.

Kaurudar said, “We have an excellent working relationship, and their team effort is the key to success.”

The IMMA provided information about its personnel strength, accomplishments during the year, programs participation, such as The National Maintenance Program, and readiness support for both regular and mobilized personnel, and more, he said. IMMA must meet all requirements, including environmental standards.

LSG personnel compiled data for a nomination packet to submit for the competition. Kaurudar said an on-site inspection team from the U.S. Army Ordnance Center and School visited the installation March 8. The inspectors went to every section of the organization.

“They had a checklist with more than 100 questions, and they went throughout the building to get answers to their questions,” Kaurudar said.

During the March 8 review, the Inspection Team presented the IMMA facility with a Commander’s Coin from the Army Chief of Staff.

The coin was presented on-site as immediate recognition of the standard of work done at the Fort McCoy IMMA.

Burt Reehling, the IMMA project manager for LSG, and Eric Fox, alternate IMMA project manager, said the IMMA work force shows ambition to do quality work and takes great pride in its achievements.

“The award means we’re meeting and exceeding the standards,” Reehling said.

An extensive quality assurance program has helped maintain high standards.

The IMMA’s reputation has drawn repair and maintenance business from such organizations as the Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) and the U.S. Army Reserve Command, Reehling said. This kind of work strengthens Fort McCoy’s relevance as a qualified national provider for select maintenance missions.

Fox said he hopes the Army-level award keeps the Fort McCoy IMMA name in the maintenance spotlight and helps the organization maintain and continue to expand its maintenance workload.

Reehling said the LSG Corporate-level personnel have been very supportive of their requests, and helping the IMMA work force accomplish its work. The organization will not rest on its laurels and already is planning to enter next year’s competition, while continually striving to improve, providing a safe environment for its customers and staff, and doing quality work, Reehling said.

IMMA employees also are encouraged to actively support the community and they have provided volunteers for the Army Concert Tour, the Armed Forces Day Open House and various other activities.

Kaurudar and Fox, along with Dawn Sharp, Contracting Officer Representative for the IMMA contract, will attend the Awards Ceremony to accept the award.

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