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May 11, 2012


Occupational Health Clinic, Troop Medical Clinic

(Editor’s note: “SPOTLIGHT” is a continuing series about tenant activities and missions at Fort McCoy.)

What is it?
The Fort McCoy Occupational Health Clinic (OHC) and Troop Medical Clinic (TMC), co-located in the Fort McCoy Health Clinic, building 2669, provide health-related services to Department of Defense (DoD) civilians and Soldiers at Fort McCoy. Both clinics aim to ensure the health, wellness and readiness of their respective customers.
PHOTO: The Fort McCoy Health Clinic chief examines a patient’s foot at the Troop Medical Clinic. Photo by Geneve N. Mankel.
Tracy Saboy (left), Fort McCoy Health Clinic chief, examines a patient’s foot at the Troop Medical Clinic (TMC). The TMC treats Soldiers who are at Fort McCoy for extended combat training. The TMC is collocated with the Occupational Health Clinic. (Photo by Geneve N. Mankel)

The OHC and TMC have separate staff members to assist civilian and military customers but share a chief who provides medical services to both clinics.

The OHC and TMC are part of the health-care system provided by Ireland Army Community Hospital, U.S. Army Medical Department Activities-Fort Knox, Ky.

What have they done?
The OHC, previously designated as an Occupational Health Nursing Office, has been at Fort McCoy for more than 50 years. In recent years the office expanded services it provides to civilian employees from only basic procedures, such as vision and blood-pressure checks, to being able to provide more advanced services.

The OHC now provides services for Fort McCoy DoD civilians in need of job-related minor-medical care, such as treatment for minor injuries; blood pressure monitoring; audiograms; pre-employment physicals for firefighters, police officers and child care workers; and annual service physicals. The OHC also manages programs for hearing and vision conservation, and respiratory wellness. Wellness tools, including classes, are offered by the OHC as needed. These services and programs help accomplish the OHC mission of sustaining a healthy work force.

The OHC provides referrals to external agencies for medical services it cannot accommodate.

The TMC provides sick call services to Soldiers at Fort McCoy for extended combat training (training for less than 30 days).
TMC services include X-ray, minor lab tests, minor surgeries, casting of simple fractures, repair of small lacerations, and pre-pack prescriptions for minimal or acute problems.

What do they have planned?
The OHC and the TMC are co-located in building 2669. The consolidation of TMC and OHC resources, to include staff and equipment, allows both clinics to provide the best- possible service to patients.

Why important?
The OHC and TMC help maintain optimum levels of health among DoD civilians and Soldiers. Patients are diagnosed, treated and returned to duty as soon as possible. For DoD civilians this means a reduction in economic loss caused by occupational injury. For Soldiers this translates into less time away from training.

The preventive services the OHC provides also help reduce Workers’ Compensation claims.

For minimal claims and preventive measures the OHC also works with the Workers’ Compensation office to track of claims.
The OHC also reports medical issues affecting the installation to the garrison commander. The OHC treats medical emergencies, but installation personnel should first always call 911.

For more information about the OHC, call 608-388-2414. For more information about the TMC, call 608-388-3025.

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