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May 11, 2012


Army Award for Maintenance Excellence winners

Stories and photos by Rob Schuette

Installation Materiel Maintenance Activity

Coordinated efforts by contracted and government personnel at Fort McCoy’s Installation Materiel Maintenance Activity (IMMA) resulted in the organization winning top recognition in its Army-level category for the second time in three years.

PHOTO: A contractor at the Installation Materiel Maintenance Activity rebuilds an engine for use in a Humvee. Photo by Rob Schuette
Andrew Seitz of the Logistics Solution Group, which provides contractors to accomplish the Installation Materiel Maintenance Activity mission, rebuilds an engine for use in a Humvee.

The IMMA took first place in the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence (AAME) Army Reserve, All Others, Medium Category competition.

Bill Kaurudar, Maintenance Division chief for the Directorate of Logistics (DOL) during the fiscal year (FY) 2011 competition, said the IMMA took first place in the AAME competition in FY 2009 and second place in FY 2010 in its category.

“The award shows our work force knows how to follow the maintenance rules in place and do things right,” Kaurudar said. “We verify the work is done right.”

The IMMA will receive its award at the Combined Logistics Excellence Award banquet June 5.

Kaurudar said IMMA faces many challenges in the upcoming year as mobilization work no longer is a major mission.

“We are building up our reimbursable work,” Kaurudar said. “We have gained work from the TACOM because we’re known for our quality and we have sought work that other organizations can’t handle or don’t want because they don’t have the resources to do it. We also are building up our National Maintenance Program workload.”

In the past five years, the IMMA has gone from a rate of 4.5 manpower years to 40 manpower years in the National Maintenance Program, an almost 10-fold increase, he said.

Eric Fox, the DOL Production Control supervisor, said the AAME publicizes the IMMA’s work capabilities, the quality of its work and helps put the organization in line for further work.

The IMMA work force does many rebuild projects, such as rebuilding engines, generators, Bobcat construction equipment, water distributors, air compressors, etc., he said.

“It will hopefully help our workload as we transition from Installation Management Command control to Army Sustainment Command control,” Fox said. “We’re heading into a new time with many challenges during our transition.”

Burt Reehling, the project manager for Logistics Solution Group, which provides contractors to accomplish IMMA work, said the contracted employees on the floor deserve the credit, as they produce the product and follow the rules.

“The employees, from the oldest to the youngest, are trained on the rules, re-informed about the rules and execute the work,” Reehling said. “Everyone works together and does what we need to do to put out a good product.”

Kaurudar said IMMA also provides backup capabilities to the Equipment Concentration Site (ECS)-67 work force. Backup capabilities may include providing maintenance support when ECS-67 military-technician personnel are deployed. Kaurudar said other back-up services may include performing higher levels of maintenance on equipment than ECS-67 personnel are authorized to do.

Equipment Concentration Site-67

Employees at Equipment Concentration Site (ECS)-67 at Fort McCoy are excited they won the Army Award for Maintenance Excellence (AAME) in their category for the first time, said Michael Dalsasso.

PHOTO: A military technician for Equipment Concentration Site-67 performs annual service work on a light medium tactical vehicle. Photo by Rob Schuette
Tony Reeves, a military technician for Equipment Concentration Site-67 at Fort McCoy, performs annual service work on a light medium tactical vehicle.

Dalsasso, ECS-67 manager, said the fiscal year (FY) 2011 award was for the Army Reserve Table of Distribution and Allowances (TDA) Medium Category.

The organization, a tenant activity at Fort McCoy aligned with the 88th Regional Support Command (RSC), has the missions of maintaining and storing equipment for Army Reserve units that train here and of supporting exercises and other training at Fort McCoy, as requested.

“The award shows we’re moving in the right direction,” Dalsasso said. “It shows we’re managing our work well and the employees are following the regulations as written. We have a lot of younger workers here who perhaps don’t fully understand what it means. But they’re happy because it shows we’re doing quality work.”

ECS-67 also submitted an entry in FY 2010. The organization didn’t win, but Dalsasso said the feedback from the competition helped the organization improve its processes and win the FY 2011 competition. Feedback from this year’s competition will be used to further improve maintenance operations.

Chris Frick, the ECS-67 maintenance branch foreman, said the award is particularly satisfying because it shows the organization supports its normal mission as well as exercises without sacrificing work quality.

“We hope that from a customer standpoint winning the award will help them feel safe that we will take good care of their equipment whether they are coming here to use it or the equipment is used to support an exercise or other training,” Frick said.

The Fort McCoy exercise season begins in the next several weeks, so ECS-67 workers will be exceptionally busy for the next few months.

Dalsasso said the ECS-67 customer service rating in the Interactive Customer Evaluation is 4.8 out of 5.

The organization will receive the award at the Combined Logistics Excellence Award banquet June 5.

Steve Jacobson, 88th RSC chief of maintenance, said in addition to ECS-67, another 88th RSC organization, the Area Maintenance Support Activity-35 of Elkhorn, Neb., won in the Army Reserve TDA Small Category.

“Both organizations put in an award packet, which was submitted to the 88th for evaluation,” Jacobson said. “After our board it went to U.S. Army Reserve Command Headquarters for their board. Winners then are forwarded to the Department of the Army (DA), and they must achieve an 85 percent rating at DA level to win the competition.”

“Having two award winners shows our maintenance organizations do quality work and provide quality service to customers supported by the 88th RSC,” Jacobson said.

The 88th is responsible for 40 AMSAs and six Equipment Concentration Sites in its 19-state region, which extends from Ohio to Washington state.

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