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Improved food service area 
available to Soldiers at COLs

By Tom Michele, The Real McCoy Contributor

When mobilizing Soldiers filed into the Contingency Operating Location (COL) Freedom food service area April 16, the first day of breakfast and dinner being served at the COL this year, they received their food on two new food serving lines.

The lines have steam tables, ovens, beverage machines and dessert bars in the serving building.

Photo: Fort McCoy Food Service managers Tony Powell and Karyl Habeck, both of Austin and Associates, and Nancy Sendlenski-Harvey inspect a new hot food serving line. (Photo by Tom Michele)
Fort McCoy Food Service managers Tony Powell and Karyl Habeck, both of Austin and Associates, and Nancy Sendlenski-Harvey inspect a new hot food serving line. 
(Photo by Tom Michele)

Soldiers also may sample the many choices on the new salad bar and condiments in the dining building where the 100 or so picnic tables made it comfortable for the Soldiers to enjoy their meals.

Nancy Sendlenski-Harvey, Fort McCoy food program manager, said, "Itís exciting, with the new serving equipment, and new groups of mobilizing Soldiers coming in. Spring is here, our staff is in place. Just the energy of it makes it important to the Soldiers. 

The food service staff is excited to be providing quality meals, serving and supporting the Soldiers. "Thatís what Fort McCoy is all about."

April 16 also was the second day of Sendlenski-Harvey on the job in the managerís chair, as she is replacing Andrew Pisney. Sendlenski-Harvey had served as an alternate contracting officerís representative for food services contractors since February 2008.

On an inspection tour of the food service areas on his last day on the job, Pisney pointed with pride at the new equipment at the COL. 

"Before we opened the entirely new buildings in July last year," Pisney said, "we served meals out of a double-wide trailer and Soldiers ate in a large tent. We moved the serving equipment from the old facility to the new building. Now, with the new serving equipment installed this year, we will be serving to the same standards and with the same quality food as we provide in cantonment dining facilities."

"We got the new equipment in October," Pisney said.

That includes hot bars, cold bars, grills, deep fat fryers, refrigerators, milk, coffee, soda and juice machines. "This means this is the first year at the COLs Soldiers can eat French fries. In the past we did not have the capability to prepare them on-site. Thatís a big thing for the Soldiers," he said.

Pisney explained meals are initially prepared in two cantonment dining facilities, then transported to the COLs.

COL Libertyís food service area is a duplicate in the layout, and also includes the equipment upgrade.

Sendlenski-Harvey summed it up by saying, "The new serving equipment makes it easier for Soldiers to enjoy their meals. That gives them a smile. It is a tough time for the Soldiers because they are leaving home, so, we treat them as Ďfamily.í These are not just buildings, but itís the feelings of the people inside the buildings."

(Michele is a public affairs specialist for Eagle Systems and Services Inc., contractor for CONUS Support Base Services.)


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