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Bicyclists subject to all 
traffic laws at Fort McCoy

By Rob Schuette, The Real McCoy Staff

Personnel who want to enjoy the warmer weather at Fort McCoy with a bicycle ride or use their bicycles as a mode of transportation on post are reminded that following all traffic laws will help keep themselves and others safe.

Sgt. Domenic Modica, Fort McCoy Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) traffic sergeant, said the regulations governing bicycle safety at Fort McCoy are similar to those in the surrounding communities. Fort McCoy, additionally, requires bicycle riders to wear an approved bicycle safety/protective helmet. 

"Another difference is the use of headphones or earphones, whether as someone using a vehicle or as a passenger, where legal, such as a motorcycle, is prohibited within 50 feet of roadways," Modica said. "This includes while bicycling, walking, jogging, or skating (roller blading). This is intended so the bicyclists, walkers, joggers, roller bladders, etc., keep their mind on the activity they’re doing."

These and other regulations governing bicycle travel can be found in Fort McCoy Regulation (Army Regulation) 190-5.

All bicycle safety helmets used on Fort McCoy must meet safety performance standards established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or the Snell Memorial Foundation for Motorcycle Helmets. Modica said bicyclists also are encouraged to wear reflective or protective clothing or equipment, whenever possible.

Bicycles and approved safety helmets are for rent at the Fort McCoy Pine View Recreation Area Equipment Check-Out Center, building 8053. For more information, call 608-388-3517/2619.

Approved helmets also are for sale at many sports stores and bicycle shops, Modica said. Anyone using the streets at Fort McCoy to bicycle or any other non-motorized activity also must wear reflective clothing from a period of one-half hour before sunset to one-half hour after sunset and at all other times of reduced lighting/visibility and, as necessary, need to have a headlight and/or required reflectors. Reflective clothing can be bought at the Fort McCoy Main Post Exchange, building 1538, the Welcome Center (vests and belts), building 35, and many commercial sporting goods or department stores.

Bicyclists generally are governed like vehicles as they travel on roads, Modica said.

Bicyclists must ride on the right side of the road, in the same direction as the traffic. Modica said they must obey all the signage, including stop signs, the same as motorists.

"When you’re riding a bicycle, or a motorcycle for that matter, on Fort McCoy remember that vehicles may not always be able to see you and ride accordingly," Modica said. "Bicyclists also must yield to pedestrians crossing the street at crosswalks, troops in formation or whenever in doubt, just as vehicles do."

Bicycles that are parked at a vehicle rack or left unattended should be secured, such as by a padlock or bicycle lock, he said.

For more information or to ask questions, call Modica at 608-388-2044.


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