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April 27, 2012


Survey results establish baseline levels for tenant customer satisfaction

TA Tenant Customer Satisfaction Survey, covering all 45 Tenant Activities located on the installation, was conducted at Fort McCoy in October 2011.
IMAGE: Satisfaction rate graph
IMAGE: Service usage graph

Lt. Col. (Promotable) Rob Humphrey, Fort McCoy garrison deputy commander, said the purpose of the survey was to establish a baseline customer satisfaction level regarding the Standard Levels of Support Services the garrison provides to the tenant activities.

The survey targeted senior leadership and service consumers within the tenant population.

Out of 210 tenant personnel invited to participate in the survey, 140 personnel responded, providing feedback on 67 services. The top graph (right) portrays the top 10 percent Satisfaction Rate and the second graph depicts the top 10 percent Service Usage.

The overall satisfaction rate for services provided by the Fort McCoy garrison is 98.8 percent.

The top-five services, with the highest satisfaction levels are: Official Mail Distribution, Electrical Services, Rumpel Fitness Center, Outdoor Recreation, and Leisure Programs. The top-five services with the highest usage rate are: Rumpel Fitness Center, Heating and Cooling Services, Leisure Programs, Official Mail Distribution Services, and Electrical Services.

Garrison personnel will review and use the survey information to develop specific action plans that address areas for improvement over the next few months. The Garrison Plans, Analysis, and Integration Office staff will conduct a follow-on survey within the next two years to re-measure customer satisfaction and identify new service delivery areas for improvement.

Surveys are part of the Installation Management Command and Fort McCoy’s effort to regularly and systematically obtain actionable customer feedback to improve the quality, quantity, timeliness, and cost of services provided to all of our customers and are part of the overall customer management process.

For additional information, contact Laura K. La Marche of the Fort McCoy Plans, Analysis and Integration Office at 608-388-2062.

(Submitted by the Fort McCoy Plans, Analysis and Integration Office).

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