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First Army Division West gains responsibility for 181st Infantry Brigade

      FORT GILLEM, Ga. (First Army Public Affairs Office) -- First Army announced April 18 a boundary change to adjust command and control of training support brigades and Senior Army Advisors between First Army Divisions East and West. 

      The boundary change transfers responsibility of the 181st Infantry Brigade located at Fort McCoy, Wis. from Division East located at Fort Meade, Md. to Division West in Fort Carson, Colo.          

      The change, also affects the Senior Army Advisors to the Guard (SRAAG) staff in offices located at Springfield, Ill., St. Paul, Minn. and Madison, Wis. 

      The SRAAG in those areas will now report to Division West. 

      The change in boundary only transfers responsibility for planning and coordination of mobilization operations between the division headquarters and does not alter the mission of these units, move assigned personnel or relocate training assets from Fort McCoy.

      "We are always looking for ways to improve on how we plan and synchronize support and training for Soldiers after they are mobilized," said Lt. Gen. Thomas G. Miller, commander of First Army.

      "This is an important step in balancing Division East and West's workloads and positioning units for post-mobilization training. Previously our boundaries were drawn based on the geographical location of the Mississippi River, which affected our operational efficiency."

      After the boundary change, Division West assumes responsibility for reserve-component post-mobilization training and operations conducted by seven training support brigades assisted by 24 SRAAGs. 

      Division East will continue operations supported by nine assigned training support brigades and 27 SRAAGs. 

      Division East and Division West were activated in October 2006 as part of the U.S. Army's continuing transformation of training and mobilization support to Army Reserve and National Guard forces. The divisions are two-star commands subordinate to First Army.

      First Army advises and assists reserve-component pre-mobilization training, monitors unit readiness and conducts post-mobilization operations throughout the Continental United States, the commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in order to provide trained and ready forces to overseas theater commanders.


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