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U.S. Army Reserve celebrates 100th year

Lt. Gen. Jack C. Stultz, Chief, Army Reserve

      There has never been a better time to be an Army Reserve Soldier.  At no period during our century of service to the nation have we undergone the monumental change that is currently under way.  We're on a positive course to deliver even greater value and service to the Army, the nation, our communities and our families.

Graphic: Army Reserve 100 year Logo

      The Army Reserve is a dynamic organization that fully recognizes that we owe our success of the past, present and future to the backing of our families and employers. To show our appreciation and gratitude in response, we're funneling resources into tangible and meaningful benefits and programs that make it easier for families and employers to continue valuable support to Army Reserve Soldiers.

      On April 23, 1908, Congress created the Medical Reserve Corps, a group of 160 doctors formed to provide the nation with a reservoir of trained medical professionals for employment in times of national emergency.

      The Army Reserve of 2008 has 195,000 Citizen Soldiers with technical, specialized and professional skills in logistics, transportation, training, health care, engineering, information technology, communication networking and law enforcement, to name a few of our capabilities. 

      Army Reserve Soldiers are actively involved in improving the lives of people around the world through nation building and humanitarian assistance, providing quick response for homeland defense missions and natural disasters, and supporting and sustaining the operating force during war.

      At the heart of my vision for the Army Reserve of tomorrow is an organization filled with Soldiers who eagerly continue to take on new missions around the world, and are just as excited about new opportunities to learn and improve as they are today.  I also envision an organization that gives Soldiers more ways to serve, more benefit options, and more flexibility to design military career paths that complement and advance life goals and civilian career objectives.

      The Army Reserve has served with excellence and honor in every major military and humanitarian engagement of the past 100 years, playing integral roles in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, Panama, the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, the Iraq War and the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).

      Since 9/11, nearly 193,000 Army Reserve Soldiers have mobilized and deployed to support GWOT and homeland security; almost 28,000 are mobilized today. We don't know where the next unrest in the world might occur, we don't know when the next natural disaster will hit, but the nation is confident that we're trained and ready.

      As we mark 100 years of service to America, we also must remember the service and sacrifice of our fellow Soldiers who have given their lives for our freedoms.  We will always be grateful.

      On this momentous occasion, I am especially proud to serve with trained and ready Army Reserve Soldiers who serve the nation and their communities. They are "twice the citizen." 

      Each generation of Army Reserve Soldiers serves the nation with honor and distinction, and our current Soldiers are no exception. 

      If the past is any indication, we can expect a bright and successful future for the Army Reserve in the 21st century.

      The Army Reserve is ready for the next 100 Years.


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