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McCoy projects to benefit from 
$45 million in stimulus funds

By Rob Schuette, The Real McCoy Staff

Renovation work to support training troops at Fort McCoy will get a boost when approximately $31 million in funding that is directed at installation projects and is included in the federal stimulus bill is released. The stimulus funding also includes $14 million to support construction of new single-family military housing and related infrastructure on post.

Dave Gundlach, chief of the Operations and Maintenance Division of the Fort McCoy Directorate of Public Works, said the installation has identified and listed the projects needed to support troops training at Fort McCoy. This is incorporated into the Installationís Master Plan to complete projects as funding, such as the stimulus monies, becomes available.

The projects include barracks renovation, and renovating or adding administrative, classroom, maintenance and dining facilities and arms vaults, as necessary, Gundlach said.

As funding is obtained, the installation will complete the work based on its priorities, he said.

The current strategy is to renovate the buildings in specific groupings, such as a block at a time, on the installation to better support unitsí needs to train at Fort McCoy.

"These are the facilities needed by units training at Fort McCoy," Gundlach said. "If these are all included within the same block, we can reduce units having to travel to other areas of post to get to them," and increase their time to conduct other missions/training.

The projects will help provide needed facilities to support the installationís current mobilization and unit training needs, Gundlach said. During the past two years, Fort McCoy has procured upward of $60 million in funding to renovate its facilities. In addition to the most-recently approved funding, Fort McCoy will be able to complete a large portion of the renovation work needed to bring its training-support facilities up to modern standards, he said.

Besides the short-term support of mobilization training, the facility upgrades also bode well for the future of supporting training at Fort McCoy, Gundlach said.

"These upgraded facilities can support any training mission we might get, including mobilization training, premobilization training, or extended-combat or battle-assembly training," he said. "About the only down aspect of the work is having so much of it going on at one time may be like having road construction where it may cause some disruptions in traffic patterns."

"However, the end result of having the renovated facilities ready to support our current and future training needs will certainly outweigh any temporary inconveniences we will go through," he said.

The stimulus funding also will include money to construct up to 23 single-family, military housing units to support military personnel and their families who live on Fort McCoy. This will increase the inventory of military housing at Fort McCoy and support the installationís Master Housing Plan, said Sherry Oslie, Fort McCoy Family Housing manager. The construction will include development site infrastructure, such as utilities and a new street, Oslie said.


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