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Garrison employees encouraged 
to take OSA survey

By Col. David E. Chesser, Fort McCoy Garrison Commander

Congratulations. If you are a member of the Fort McCoy garrison, you have been selected to participate in the Installation Management Command (IMCOM) Organization Self-Assessment (OSA) survey that will be conducted within the Fort McCoy garrison from May 6-19.

The OSA is an online, Web-based survey that will be used to assess our management and business practices. Your personal participation and honest feedback are essential to ensuring the validity of this tool. Your individual ratings and comments will remain anonymous.

If you have a government e-mail account, you will receive login instructions via e-mail from the OSA survey host (Quantum Performance Group) or from the IMCOM-HQ OSA Administrator (Cindy LeFebvre) in the near future.

You may complete the survey using any computer with Internet access.

If you do not have a government e-mail account, you will be contacted by the Fort McCoy Plans, Analysis and Integration Office and provided information about how you can access the survey.

I strongly encourage you to complete the survey and provide honest feedback about what we are doing well, and what needs improvement from your perspective.

Thank you for participating and making a difference during Fort McCoy’s 100th year of service (Century of Service) to America.


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