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April 13, 2012


Moving help available to McCoy community

Authorized individuals and Families in the Fort McCoy community can receive household goods (HHG) moving assistance from the Personal Property Shipping Office-Minnesota (PPSO-Minnesota) located in Bloomington, Minn.
IMAGE: Military Homefront website.

Remona Weaver of the PPSO-Minnesota said the best option is to first visit the Defense Personal Property System, known as DPS, which can be accessed through the website www.move.mil. This website is a portal for DPS and the one-stop system where customers can completely manage their HHG move process, Weaver said.

“As soon as you know about an upcoming reassignment you should visit www.move.mil to register for, or re-establish, DPS access,” Weaver said. “It can provide you with valuable information to leading to a successful HHG move.” Personnel authorized to use the services, include uniformed personnel from all military branches (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard) and civilians with DoD travel orders.

Included within the DPS is a customer’s ability to self-counsel; initiate shipment requests; identify counseling office locations and contact info; identify responsible origin and destination PPSO; customer update requests; HHG shipment visibility; identifies Transportation Service Provider (TSP) and origin servicing agent and storage warehouse contact info; claims processing; and the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) questionnaire — the TSP’s scorecard.

The CSS determines how much business the TSP receives. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to complete the survey. Customers rate the TSP, their origin and destination PPSO on a numeric scale.

Service, whether outstanding or failing to meet expectations, should be noted as this provides the responsible party the opportunity to improve deficiencies or to recognize outstanding service. The CSS is an integral part of the HHG moving process and a vital quality assurance tool. Everyone is encouraged to complete the survey as the TSPs are only evaluated on surveys received.

“We encourage customers to call the PPSO-Minnesota at 952-837-3180 to ask general questions or for entitlement counseling services, regardless of their responsible PPSO,” Weaver said. The PPSO-Minnesota office processes the HHG moving needs of the Fort McCoy community, most of Minnesota, Upper Peninsula Michigan, and the northern, west central counties of Wisconsin. The DPS properly assigns the origin and destination PPSO based on the shipment pickup and delivery locations, she said.

Authorized members in the Fort McCoy community can use the installation Army Community Service (ACS) Relocation Readiness program pre-move assessment to services permanent change of station. More than 50 moving-related brochures are available as well as access to a lending closet for the temporary loan of basic household items in the Fort McCoy community.

ACS also can request a welcome packet be sent from your new installation, if available. The ACS library has resources for check out to help prepare Family members of all ages for the move.

Booklets on other installations also may be accessed by going to www.militaryhomefront.dod.mil/moving. A Play My Move calendar also is accessible at this website. The calendar provides steps to take to ensure a smooth move for servicemembers and the Families, along with checklists, documents to hand carry, and phone numbers for points of contact at both the old and new installations. Information on travel regulations is available at www.defensetravel.dod.mil as well as on allowances such as basic allowance for housing, cost of living allowance, per diem, etc.

For more information in the Fort McCoy community about moving, call ACS at 608-388-3505.

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