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Tornado warning siren testing April 24



      The Fort McCoy tornado warning siren sounds a steady three-minute tone at the onset of a weather warning.

      After the warning expires or an all-clear signal is issued, a 16-second wailing tone will be sounded and will be followed by an eight-second wailing tone burst.

      Signals may be repeated as necessary. The sirens are battery powered and will work during power outages.

      Personnel at the Directorate of Emergency Services/Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security will activate the sirens for the test and also would activate the sirens in case of an actual weather emergency.

      The siren system will be activated for the following events:

      1) Sighting of a funnel cloud or tornado 

      2) Tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service  

      3) Hurricane force winds

      4) Other disasters that would require personnel to take immediate shelter (chemical spill, gas leak, etc.).

      The Fort McCoy Tornado Warning siren will be tested at 10 a.m. Thursday, April 24.

      The testing is being done to help prepare installation personnel for the severe weather season. 

      Siren speakers are located at or near Constitution Park, Pine View Recreation Area, Regional Training Site-Medical, the South Post Housing Area, the Sparta-Fort McCoy Airport and the Community Activity Center.

      Installation personnel are encouraged to become familiar with the siren tones and with the evacuation/shelter plans for their organization.

      Organizations with questions about evacuation/shelter plans can call the Safety Office at (608) 388-3403 for additional information. During an actual weather emergency personnel should seek shelter inside and away from windows.

      News about severe weather will be available through an installation warning system via e-mail or by listening to local radio or television stations.

      Personnel also should become familiar with weather warning terminology.

      A warning means that some type of severe weather is occurring in a specified place and people may need to take action to save their lives. A watch means that conditions for severe weather are favorable, and people should be alert for changing weather conditions.


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