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From Our History Files ...

Throughout 2009, Fort McCoy will celebrate a Century of Service to America. Each issue of The Real McCoy Online will feature a historical photo and tidbits of history from our past.

History Center photo

Weapons training ...

Pictured left to right are Lance Cpl. Robert E. Kirch, Cpl. Jack Hoss and Cpl. Russel W. Pack from the 2124th Marine Reserve Battalion, Chicago, prepare to fire the 106-mm recoilless rifle April 12, 1969 during a two-day training exercise at Camp McCoy. Fort McCoy is observing "A Century of Service" during 2009.

On this date ...

April 3, 1943: Red Cross drive reached $4,200. Manpower survey begun by Col. George M. MacMullin.

April 10, 1943: 2nd Infantry Division contributed additional $3,271 to Red Cross drive. New railroad station opened.

April 1, 1944: Camp McCoy launched 20-week radio series over Milwaukee Journals Station WTMJ under the direction of Lt. Vance Schwartz. Lt. Col. A.K. DuMoulin reported after returning from Cassino.

April 8, 1944: Gen. Aurand visits McCoy. Camp McCoy Soldier entertainers opened 13-week series over Station Vi"K La Crosse. Service Club 2 burned to the ground.

April 15, 1944: McCoy maintenance shop program model for United States. Camp McCoy’s "Theater of the Air" opened. Mrs. George M. MacMullin appointed district chairman of personal affairs division.

April 7, 1945: McCoy went over top in the Red Cross drive with a $2,331.75 contribution.

April 14, 1945: McCoy mourned the loss of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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