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CPAC at McCoy largest in the Army, supports Army Reserve personnel actions

Story & photo by Rob Schuette, Public Affairs Staff

Personnel assigned to the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) at Fort McCoy, which is the largest in the Army, take care of the personnel needs of more than 12,000 Army Reserve and federal civilian personnel, said Karen Kohn, CPAC director at Fort McCoy. Staff members work at either Fort McCoy or at a site at Rock Island Arsenal, Ill.

The personnel process begins with attracting or recruiting workers to fill the available positions, Kohn said. CPAC also takes care of personnel matters during an employee’s career, such as hiring, proper classification of positions, discipline, performance, promotions, workers compensation and retirement.

PHOTO: Deborah Hawkins (foreground) and Colette Burkwalt of the Nonapprorpriated Fund Division of the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center work on a personnel question. Photo by Rob Schuette
Deborah Hawkins (foreground) and Colette Burkwalt of the Nonapprorpriated Fund Division of the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center work on a personnel question.

Jim Pattison, chief of CPAC Classification and Staffing, said the installation also has worked hard to follow the Department of Defense’s lead to be more proactive in returning injured civilian employees to work as soon as possible.

“We’re utilizing special funding to allow employees to return to work after a prolonged absence,” he said.

The program allows employees to return to work at no cost to the gaining organization for the first year, and the organization begins to pay starting in the second year of employment, he said. “The impact of this program is twofold, first it reduces compensation costs for the government but more importantly it returns an injured employee to gainful employment.”

Bill Reneau, the chief of the CPAC Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Division, said this division oversees more than 550 employees at McCoy, Rock Island Arsenal and at Fort Hunter Liggett, Camp Parks (Parks Reserve Forces Training Area) and BT Collins Reserve Center in California. The NAF employees at Fort McCoy work in the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation.

“We provide the same services to the NAF employees that CPAC provides to the appropriated fund employees,” Reneau said. “In addition, we conduct NAF wage surveys in the St. Paul, Minn., area to help set wages for NAF employees, here at McCoy.”

Unlike other CPACs, Fort McCoy’s CPAC also provides retirement services, such as classes, because of its Army Reserve support mission, Kohn said.

On May 11, 2010 President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum to modernize the federal hiring process. “We have made significant improvements in the last year in our ability to process recruit actions in a more timely manner,” Kohn said.

Both the appropriated fund and NAF personnel support advances in technology to help accomplish the mission and best serve customers, Kohn, Pattison and Reneau said.

Kohn said the USA Staffing automated announcement and referral system for personnel actions will replace the Resumix job application system.

Appropriated fund employees will see an automation update for their official personnel files (OPFs), and NAF employees will see paper copies of their application process replaced with an automated version.

Pattison said the Fort McCoy CPAC will be one of the last CPACs to receive the system — scheduled by March 31, 2012 — because it is busy handling the wrap-up of its Base Realignment and Closure actions.

Other CPACs have received this system, so McCoy personnel who apply for a job at another installation may use the new system.

More information about the system, including training for employees and supervisors, will be released as the USA Staffing implementation date approaches, Pattison said.

For more information about CPAC or general government job information in the Fort McCoy community, call 608-388-2722.

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