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Work force encouraged to remain 
vigilant against security threats

      Members of the Fort McCoy community are encouraged to remain vigilant to help protect the installation against any potential security threats.

      This includes informing the proper authorities if they see suspicious activities. Installation personnel also should know the current threat levels on both a local and national level.

      While there continues to be no credible information at this time warning of an imminent threat to the homeland, the Department of Homeland Security's strategic threat perspective is that "we are in a period of increased risk."

      Fort McCoy currently is operating under Force Protection Condition (FPCON) ALPHA. FPCON ALPHA applies when there is an increased general threat of possible terrorist activity against Army personnel or facilities.

      The nature and extent of this terrorist threat remains unpredictable, so personnel are reminded to remain vigilant and report suspicious behavior or activities. Examples of such activities are: (unauthorized or unidentified) personnel seen photographing, observing, or asking questions about military operations or security procedures; unidentified vehicles parked or operating in a suspicious manner in the vicinity of Fort McCoy or the training ranges; abandoned packages or suitcases; and repeated or adamant attempts to elicit information regarding Fort McCoy operations or units training or mobilizing at the installation.

      The National Intelligence Estimate cited heightened activity overseas and is very mindful of recent terrorist-related arrests in Europe.

      There also has been an increased trend in propaganda tapes and messages coming from Al Qaeda and affiliated networks over the past year.

      Therefore the U.S. government's national threat level remains at Elevated, or Yellow. The current threat level, including for airline travel, can be found at the Web site http://www.whitehouse.gov/infocus/homeland/.

      The threat for all domestic and international flights is High, or Orange. Policies remain in place that allow airline passengers to have only small amounts of liquids, aerosols and gels in their carry-on baggage. To access up-to-date information on items permitted or prohibited on airlines, passengers and other interested personnel should visit the Web site http://www.tsa.gov.

      Any suspicious activity at Fort McCoy should be reported to the Law Enforcement Desk by calling (608) 388-2266.

      All military personnel and Department of Defense civilians in the Fort McCoy work force are reminded to complete the annual Antiterrorism Level I Awareness Training requirement. This training may be accomplished via the Internet at: https://atlevel1.dtic.mil/at/.

      Personnel who take the training can send their course completion certificate to their supervisor/administrative personnel or to the Fort McCoy Antiterrorism Officer at Dan.Skowronski@us.army.mil.

(Submitted by the Fort McCoy Command Antiterrorism Office.)


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