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RTS-Medical to add biomedical/ 
classroom facilities

By Rob Schuette, The Real McCoy Staff

      A two-phase project consisting of new biomedical maintenance/classroom facilities has been approved to support the Regional Training Site-Medical (RTS-Medical) training mission.

Photo: A view of the area where the new biomedical and classroom project for Regional Training Site-Medical will be constructed. The project is expected to be completed  in 2009. (Photo by Rob Schuette)
A view of the area where the new biomedical and classroom project for Regional Training Site-Medical will be constructed. The project is expected to be completed  in 2009. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

      A design-bid-build contract was approved for the biomedical and classroom project. The Charpie-Solitt Joint Venture company of Chicago, one of four companies to bid on the work, was awarded a $6.001 million Major Construction Army Reserve contract March 7.

      Roy Brewer, the resident engineer of the Fort McCoy Army Corps of Engineer office, said the company is expected to receive the notice to proceed with the contract by the end of March.

      After the firm receives the notice to proceed, it has 510 days to complete the project, he said.

      That would put the projected completion date at about the summer of 2009 if the notice to proceed is issued by the end of March.

      RTS-Medical supports all types and phases of medical training from selected individual training subjects to multi-echelon, collective training. The training includes static hospital training, clinical skills lab support for Soldier/unit sustainment, mobilization support, biomedical maintenance and support training and ground maintenance training.

      Col. Rick Otto, RTS-Medical site director, said the project will include the most-up-to-date facilities to support the new medical training technology. The biomedical facility will be about 17,000-square-feet. The classroom will be about 12,000-square-feet.

      "We'll be the only Army Reserve site in the U.S. Army with a biomedical facility that size," Otto said. "The classroom will support up to 140 students."

      Gerry Meyer, RTS-Medical administrative/site executive officer, said the new classroom can be arranged and partitioned to handle large- and small-group instruction.

      "It will give us the size, space and flexibility we need to serve our medical customers and be a value-added, force multiplier to our training facilities," Meyer said.

      The project continues the RTS-Medical goal of creating a campus-type setup for medical training within the same area, he said. Meyer said this will help cut down on travel time and costs and make coordination easier with equipment and classrooms  in close proximity to each other.

      Allen Reese, RTS-Medical site administrator for the Eagle Group International, said in addition to moving closer to being a one-stop training opportunity the new facilities will allow the organization to engage the newest training technology, such as Internet-based training.

      Dave Gundlach, project officer for the Directorate of Public Works, said the project will be built in two parts.

      The biomedical maintenance facility portion will be attached to the main RTS-Medical facility. The classroom portion of the project will be built in a field near the main RTS-Medical facility, Gundlach said. Additional money is included in the contract for furniture and other furnishings for the facilities.

      The project will include a big lot with hardstand and gravel for the Deployable Medical Systems setup.

      The project will replace World War II-era wood facilities/outdoor areas RTS-Medical was using in the 1000 block.

      The World War II-era wood facilities are scheduled to be torn down under the contract.


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