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NCO honored for all-around 
record, setting example

A senior Fort McCoy noncommissioned officer (NCO) who sets an example by her pursuit of further education and her high level of physical fitness was recognized at the March 12 Fort McCoy observance of Womenís History Month.

Garrison Command Sergeant Major Command Sgt. Maj. M. Kevin Dubois said he chose to recognize Master Sgt. Misty Brown of The Unit Pay Center, U.S. Army Garrison, Fort McCoy in keeping with the theme of the special event. The recognition is part of the Year of the NCO activities as designated by senior Army leadership.

"She is busy with her job as a Soldier, with her job as a mother and now in taking the nonresident course to become a sergeant major," Dubois said. "(Taking the nonresidentís course) is a lot more challenging than taking the resident course, which I did."

Brown also has set a good example in the educational field for other NCOs, as well. Dubois said too often NCOs come into the Army with only a high school education and leave with a high school education, which doesnít prepare them educationally for life after the military. Dubois praised Brown for earning her masterís degree.

In some ways Brown also reminds Dubois of the first female Soldier he met after he joined the Army, his drill sergeant. She could do more sit-ups and run faster than he could, all the while being a positive role model in doing all the events with the troops.

Brown also ran her two-mile run several seconds faster than him during their last Army Physical Fitness Test, Dubois said. However, this doesnít come as too big of a surprise to the Fort McCoy running community as Brown has posted the best time two yearís running for the installationís Army Ten-Miler team and has led the team to first- and second-place finishes in the Army Ten-Miler Army Reserve Division.


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