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MATES readies equipment for training

By Rob Schuette, The Real McCoy

Maneuver Area Training Equipment Site (MATES) personnel are busy preparing equipment to be fielded and to be used for upcoming training at Fort McCoy.

Photo: Spc. Sean Harschutz (right) and Spc. Howard Pike Jr., MATES technicians, work on a water distribution tanker. (Photo by Rob Schuette)
Spc. Sean Harschutz (right) and Spc. Howard Pike Jr., MATES technicians, work on a water distribution tanker. 
(Photo by Rob Schuette)

Staff Sgt. Nathan LaHaie, a MATES wage grade leader, said the Wisconsin Army National Guard organization has two missions. The first is the field maintenance for units it supports. The second is to store and perform maintenance on equipment that units canít maintain at their home stations.

MATES, which is a tenant organization at Fort McCoy, serves as a central facility to receive, store, maintain and issue equipment for National Guard units so all units will have the best equipment with which to train.

LaHaie said MATES supports a number of units, such as engineers, artillery, transportation, maintenance and combat service-support units.

"Units can come here and use the equipment we maintain at Fort McCoy for training at Fort McCoy," LaHaie said. "This potentially could save a mobilizing unit from having to ship its equipment here and then having to ship it to where it was being deployed."

In addition to mobilizing units, the equipment could be used by units coming to Fort McCoy to conduct extended combat training, battle assembly training and predeployment training.

Any unit that wishes to use the equipment must have a legitimate reason to use the equipment for training, LaHaie said.

Equipment MATES maintains at Fort McCoy generally tends to be larger equipment, such as five-ton trucks, Multiple Launch Rocket System equipment, scrapers, bulldozers, and graders, etc.

"We also maintain the rock-crushing equipment for the quarry unit that trains on it at Fort McCoy," he said.

MATES technicians are Civilian-Soldiers who are trained at military schools and have military occupational specialties, he said.


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