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ALIS to handle hunting, fishing process

Individuals participating in Fort McCoy hunting and fishing activities will see a new process when requesting a permit. After a two-year cooperative effort with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), Fort McCoy has established procedures to sell hunting and fishing permits through the stateís Automated License Issuance System (ALIS).

Photo: Pam Johnson of the Fort McCoy Outdoor Recreation staff checks out the ALIS site at the Pine View Recreation Area. Hunting and fishing licenses, including those from Fort McCoy, now are available for sale on ALIS. (Photo by Rob Schuette)
Pam Johnson of the Fort McCoy Outdoor Recreation staff checks out the ALIS site at the Pine View Recreation Area. Hunting and fishing licenses, including those from Fort McCoy, now are available for sale on ALIS. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

A bill to allow ALIS, which is administered through the WDNR Bureau of Customer Services and Licensing, to sell Fort McCoy permits was passed by the Wisconsin Legislature and signed by Gov. Jim Doyle. The final details were negotiated between the WDNR and Fort McCoy, said David Beckmann, installation wildlife biologist.

The new process will allow hunters and anglers to purchase their Fort McCoy permits at any authorized ALIS agent throughout Wisconsin, said Beckmann. The Fort McCoy permits will not be available through the Internet or by phone, he said.

Fort McCoy fisheries biologist John Noble said the implementation of the system means sportsmen will have an easier process to purchase needed permits and licenses for the Wisconsin Inland Fishing season, which begins Saturday, May 2.

"The system will set up a one stop-shop location for people to buy state and Fort McCoy fishing licenses/permits," Noble said.

"This means they wonít have to drive out to Fort McCoy to get the installation permits," he said. "If people decide they want to go fishing in the evening or on a weekend, they donít have to wait until (Fort McCoy) offices are open."

Applications available for quota hunts

Fort McCoy 2009 Fall Quota Hunting Season applications are available.

The seasons include gun-deer, cantonment archery, muzzle loader and fall turkey.

Applications can be picked up at the Permit Sales Office, building 2168, or downloaded and printed off the Web site 
http://www.mccoy.army.mil, by clicking on Recreation Opportunities, Fishing and Hunting, Applications and Fall Hunting Applications.

Applications can be postmarked beginning Monday, March 30.

For more information, call the Fort McCoy Permit Sales Office at 608-388-3337.

Anyone who would like to receive one of the Fort McCoy nonquota permits, such as fishing, archery, or small game, can go to one of the many ALIS locations.

Personnel interested in one of the Fort McCoy quota hunts (gun-deer, fall and spring turkey, muzzle-loader, cantonment archery, and disabled deer hunt) still will be required to apply for a permit through the installationís Permit Sales Office.

However, they no longer will need to provide a money order with their application. Once an applicant has been selected, they will be notified by mail and instructed to purchase their permit at an ALIS agent.

After an applicant has been selected, the Permit Sales Office will provide the required information to the WDNR to enter into their ALIS database, said Beckman.

Once in place, the permit information will appear on the ALIS vendor screen, after the appropriate WDNR license has been purchased, when the individual goes to purchase their permit.

Al Balliett, chief of the Fort McCoy Directorate of Public Works (DPW) Environmental Division, said Fort McCoy transitioned to the WDNR ALIS service to better serve its customers and staff.

Customers will find it more convenient to purchase fishing and hunting licenses at local businesses that have ALIS capabilities.

For local sportsmen, for example, Fort McCoy permits/licenses will be sold at Wal-Marts in Tomah and Sparta, as well as Roscoís Live Bait in Tomah and Don and Viís Fishing Hunting Sports Store in Sparta. All of these locations will have necessary state fishing and/or hunting licenses/permits, as well.

Soldiers, other military personnel at Fort McCoy and civilians who decide to purchase state and/or Fort McCoy licenses/permits at the installation can go to the Post Exchange (PX), building 1538, for authorized military personnel only, or go to the Pine View Recreation Area, building 8053, for the public, to get access to ALIS services.

Fort McCoy hunting and fishing regulations can be obtained at the Pine View Recreation Area and at the Fort McCoy Welcome Center near the Main Gate. Both of these locations can be accessed without entering the installationís cantonment area.

Fort McCoy fishing and hunting (for quota-only) applications will be available at these sites or by going to the Fort McCoy Public Web site at http://www.mccoy.army.mil and clicking on recreation opportunities, fishing and hunting and applications or regulations.

For more information about fishing/hunting permits, personnel can visit the Fort McCoy public Web site or call the Permit Sales Office at 608- 388-3337.


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