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 March 26, 2010


Cable television channels to be upgraded at McCoy

Mediacom LLC has begun an upgrade of cable television service at Fort McCoy, which includes both increased service and higher-resolution signal reception on certain channels. Organizations with Mediacom LLC service at Fort McCoy will be notified when the upgrade is complete.

Twenty-four channels, including Fox News Network, MSNBC, CNBC, The Travel Channel, Bravo, Food Network, and EWTN, are being added to the lineup.

Several new channels including the non-subscription movie channels Fox Movie Channel, Lifetime Movie Network and TCM Turner Classic Movies will offer frequency response masking filters for televisions that have that capability to greatly enhance the video/audio of programs on those channels.
The upgrade increases costs for basic services from $15.66 to $17 a month per outlet.

Fort McCoy officials said the upgrade is scheduled to be completed by April 1.

Until the upgrade is completed, cable television outages of an hour or less may occur.

Cable television first was introduced to Fort McCoy in the 1995-1996 time frame.

For more information about the cable television upgrade process at Fort McCoy, call Kevin Gular at 608-388-2806.

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