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March 23, 2012


Police Department gets 3 new squad cars

The Fort McCoy Police Department has three new squad cars in its fleet.

The new vehicles help provide standardization and meet fleet efficiency requirements, said Lt. Chris Henke.
PHOTO: Lt. Chris Henke of the Fort McCoy Police Department with one of the new Class III sedans. Photo by Rob Schuette
Lt. Chris Henke of the Fort McCoy Police Department with one of the new Class III sedans the organization received to help update its fleet. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

Henke, a Police Department lieutenant, said the sedans offer a full police package and have improved suspension, upgraded electrical systems and a flex fuel E-85 capability.

“The vehicles are able to handle all of our computer, battery, siren and other electrical equipment needs,” Henke said. “The vehicles also will offer potential savings on fuel consumption.”

Henke said the sedans are considered Class III vehicles and are replacing the department’s Class IV vehicles, which are sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and have a larger engine.

“The new vehicles will offer the same standard police equipment as the remaining Class IV vehicles we have to ensure we have all the necessary equipment we need to do our jobs,” Henke said. “The graphic markings on the vehicles will be roughly the same as the vehicles they’re replacing.”

The vehicles are white with blue lettering. Henke said they include a “Dial 911” decal/inscription, which publicizes the emergency number people should call on the installation.

Eventually, the plan is to replace all of the existing Class IV SUVs with the new Class III vehicles. Henke said. An Installation Management Command directive requires the department to reduce its Class IV vehicle fleet.

For more information about the Fort McCoy Police Department or for questions, personnel in the installation community can call 608-388-2000.

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