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6 training exercises to boost 
Fort McCoy FY 2009 totals

By Rob Schuette, The Real McCoy Staff

Several large-scale exercises or training events will highlight Fiscal Year 2009 training at Fort McCoy, while training officials expect overall numbers to continue their upward trend beginning with a unit here for extended combat training in March.

Photo: Soldiers from the 377th Military Police Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, pull security around a Humvee before entering a Mobile Urban Training Site village during Patriot Warrior 2008. (File Photo)
Soldiers from the 377th Military Police Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, pull security around a Humvee before entering a Mobile Urban Training Site village during Patriot Warrior 2008. 
(File Photo)

Mobilization training also is picking up. The installation served a steady stream of units demobilizing and returning to their home stations during the winter months.

Mark Stelzner, Fort McCoy Supervisory Range Scheduler for the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security, said the planned training is expected to help the installation surpass the 100,000-personnel trained mark in FY 2009, which began Oct. 1, 2008 and will end Sept. 30, 2009.

The 732nd Combat Support Service Battalion of Tomah, Wis., is bringing almost 100 Soldiers to Fort McCoy in March for training to jump start the season.

The first of six exercises and a large-scale maintenance program scheduled for the spring and summer months begins with the Diamond Saber 2009 exercise in May. During this exercise, Army Reserve financial units train on various finance tasks as part of a real-world training scenario. The 336th Finance Command of Lake Charles, La., will serve as the exercise’s command-and-control.

Operation Platinum Wrench, a U.S. Army Reserve Command-directed maintenance program, also begins in May at the Installation Materiel Maintenance Activity. The 646th Regional Support Group of Madison, Wis., will function as the command-and-control unit for this exercise.

The 307th Headquarters and Headquarters Division of Salt Lake City will be the command-and-control unit for the Global Medic Exercise, which will be held in June. The 7246th Installation Medical Support Unit also will be here for training in June.

Two other significant training events are scheduled to occur in June. The 6th Engineer Support Battalion of the U.S. Marine Corps of Portland, Ore., will conduct training. The 415th Chemical Brigade of Greenville, S.C. Company will be the lead unit for Red Dragon, a Homeland Security exercise.

Two exercises will be held in July, the Combat Support Training Center (CSTC) Proof of Principal (PoP) and the Patriot Exercise 2009.

The CSTC PoP exercise will be the test run for an organization that is described as similar to the active Army’s combat training centers. The CSTC’s administrative area is scheduled to open in renovated buildings at Fort McCoy in 2010.

Patriot Exercise 2009, a joint Air Guard and Army National Guard exercise, will have the 147th Brigade Support Battalion of the Colorado Army National Guard acting as the command-and-control unit.

Patriot Warrior 2009, an Army Reserve exercise that replicates combat conditions, will be held in August and also may include military personnel from other countries.

The 223rd Military Police Company of the Kentucky Army National Guard is among the units involved in the exercise.

August also will include training by the 2nd, 24th U.S. Marine Corps of Chicago at Fort McCoy.

Other returning training in the upcoming months includes a return visit by the 20th Combat Aviation Brigade of the Missouri Army National Guard and the U.S. Army Reserve Command Best Warrior Competition.

The 20th will train with Apache helicopters for the second consecutive year at Fort McCoy.

The Best Warrior Competition is an event to select the Army Reserve Soldier and Noncommissioned Officer of the Year to compete in the Armywide competition.

Last year, both the Army Soldier and NCO of the Year were from the reserve component.

The Army Soldier of the Year won the Army Reserve Soldier of the Year competition at Fort McCoy.

For more information about training opportunities at Fort McCoy, military personnel can contact Range Scheduling at 608-388-3721/4142/5313.



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