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March 09, 2012


13th Battalion, 100th Regiment

(Editor’s note: “SPOTLIGHT” is a continuing series about tenant activities and missions at Fort McCoy.)

What is it?
The 13th Battalion, 100th Regiment is an ordnance battalion that provides training and training support to Soldiers in the ordnance maintenance military occupational specialty (MOS) series.
PHOTO: Personnel in the 89B Ammunition Specialist course at Fort McCoy perform preventative maintenance checks and services on forklifts. Photo by Geneve N. Mankel
Personnel in the 89B Ammunition Specialist course at Fort McCoy perform preventative maintenance checks and services on forklifts that are used to move ammunition. The 13th, 100th instructs the course. (Photo by Geneve N. Mankel)

The 13th, 100th is aligned under the 3rd Brigade, 94th Division of the 80th Training Command. The unit has been at Fort McCoy since about 1995 and has had four designations since then. It became the 13th, 100th about two years ago.

The unit has approximately 95 enlisted instructors who provide instruction for courses at Fort McCoy as well as mobile training teams for instruction throughout the U.S. Instructors are available year-round. Instructors also provide support to all four Regional Training Site (RTS)-Maintenance facilities.

At Fort McCoy, the 13th, 100th supports courses facilitated by RTS-Maintenance by providing instructors for courses including 91B-Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic, 91B30 Wheel Vehicle Advance Leadership Course, 91L Construction Equipment Repairer, 91L30 Construction Equipment Advance Leadership Course and 91BH8 Wheel Vehicle Repairer.

The 13th, 100th also instructs the 89B Ammunition Specialist course at McCoy. The course has two phases, with each phase lasting two weeks.

What have they done?
Each year the 13th, 100th holds many cycles of each phase of the Ammunition Specialist course at Fort McCoy.

Initially only phase I of the course, which includes basic work such as ammunition and equipment familiarization, paperwork procedures, and demolitions training was taught at McCoy. Phase II, which includes, equipment operation and using the Palletized Load System, was assigned to Fort McCoy in 2010.

In the past 10 years the 13th, 100th has trained more than 2,000 students at Fort McCoy in the 89B MOS. About 90 percent of those Soldiers have been deployed due to high demand for the MOS.

What is planned?
The 13th, 100th has begun teaching active-component Soldiers. Active-duty Soldiers can go through MOS reclassification training by attending courses offered by the 13th, 100th. This is beneficial to the Soldiers because they are receiving the same quality training in less time. By offering training to reserve- and active- component Soldiers, the 13th, 100th will continue to provide high standards of training to advance the readiness of the Ordnance Corps.

Why are they important?
The most-important priority for the 13th, 100th is training Soldiers.

Because such a large percentage of Soldiers trained in the 89B MOS are deployed, the unit ensures the highest quality of training is provided.

The 13th, 100th is one of six battalions in the Army Reserve capable of providing instruction for all Ordnance Corps classes.

For more information about the 13th, 100th, call 608-388-5479.

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