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February 24, 2012


Antiterrorism Awareness 2nd quarter theme: ‘Suspicious Activity Reporting’

The Antiterrorism (AT) Awareness quarterly theme for the second quarter of fiscal year 2012 is “Suspicious Activity Reporting.” Central to the theme is the belief that not only is “Every Soldier is a Sensor,” but also the idea that every member of the Army community is a sensor.
IMAGE: iWatch logo

The Army leverages quarterly themes to “focus efforts and instill Armywide heightened awareness and vigilance to prevent and protect the Army community and critical resources from acts of terrorism.”

To coordinate the individual potential of every member of the Army community, the Army is promoting U.S. Army iWATCH as a community watch program.

With its motto “iReport/iKeepUsSafe,” it is founded on the widespread availability of suspicious activity indicator training and educational materials along with the specific guidance that knowing “what” to report also requires knowing “how” to report.

Terrorists often are noted for their tenacity and dedication to accomplishing their goals.

Members of the Army community can prevent terrorist success by exhibiting the same tenacity. It only takes one individual to submit a tip that can stop terrorist attacks. It has worked, and it will continue to work.

A simple report of a suspicious observation can lead to action that may stop a terrorist attack.

Examples of behaviors and activities to report:
• People drawing or measuring important buildings.
• Strangers asking questions about security forces or security procedures.
• A briefcase, suitcase, backpack or package left behind.
• Vehicles left in no-parking zones in front of important buildings.
• Intruders found in secure areas.
• A person wearing clothes that are too big and bulky and/or too hot for the weather.
• Chemical smells or fumes that worry you.
• Questions about sensitive information, such as building blueprints, security plans or VIP travel schedules, without a right or need to know.
• Purchasing supplies or equipment that can be used to make bombs or weapons or purchasing uniforms without having the proper credentials.

Everyone in the Fort McCoy community can help keep the installation safe by reporting suspicious activities on Fort McCoy to the Police Department by calling 608-388-2000, or by clicking the iWATCH Banner on the Fort McCoy Corporate Network (FMCN) to fill out a Fort McCoy Suspicious Activity Report.

Personnel working on Fort McCoy with computer access also can go to the website http://www.mccoy.army.mil/feedback/AT_FB.htm to fill out a Fort McCoy Suspicious Activity Report.

Personnel can also call the 1-800-CALL-SPY number, which serves as a nationwide suspicious activity reporting hotline affiliated with the Department of Defense.

Individuals can report suspicious activity deemed to be unrelated to Fort McCoy by accessing/calling the FBI tip line at https://tips.fbi.gov/.

If an incident happens off post, all emergency situations should be reported to the nearest local 911 emergency number.

Military personnel residing in military Family housing on South Post should report incidents of suspicious activities to the Fort McCoy Police at 608-388-2000.

Woodridge Housing residents should report suspicious activity incidents to the Tomah Police at 608-374-7400.

Soldiers renting or who own their own homes should contact their local city or county police.

Fort McCoy Family Housing provides residents with handbooks and verbal briefings with emergency contact information during their move into military housing.

For more information about the AT Program at Fort McCoy, call 608-388-4719/4504.

(Submitted by the Fort McCoy Installation Antiterrorism Office.)

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