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February 22, 2013

Armywide News

Commissary Rewards Card offers digital savings, convenience for customers

FORT LEE, Va. (Defense Commissary Agency) — The Commissary Rewards Card now is available in the Fort McCoy Commissary. The card allows customers to access digital coupons online and redeem them in any commissary by scanning the card at checkout.
PHOTO: A Commissary staff member explains the benefits of a Commissary Rewards Card to a customer. Photo by Rob Schuette
Jackie Peters (right) of the Fort McCoy Commissary staff explains the benefits of a Commissary Rewards Card to a customer. Commissary Rewards Cards are available to authorized military Commissary patrons. 
(Photo by Rob Schuette)

“We’re very excited about this new initiative,” said Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) Director and Chief Executive Officer Joseph H. Jeu. “These cards allow our customers to reduce the number of paper coupons they have to clip and carry. That saves our customers time, effort and money.”

To register their card and add more digital coupons, customers visit the commissary website at http://www.commissaries.
com/rewards/index.cfm. New digital coupon offers are typically posted online every two to three weeks.

Just like their paper counterparts, digital coupons have expiration dates and other terms and conditions that must be followed for redemption. However, Commissary Rewards Card digital coupons will not be accepted in commissaries overseas for up to six months after expiration, as paper coupons are. This is because the coupons are distributed digitally and instantly available to all customers worldwide. Once a coupon expires, it will disappear from the customer’s account. DeCA’s coupon policy limits coupons to one per purchase, so these digital coupons cannot be combined with manufacturer coupons, including paper coupons and military or commissary coupons.

Future enhancements to the card are expected to enable DeCA’s industry partners to target savings based on the customer’s specific usage, alert patrons to available sales promotions at their local stores and reward consistent shoppers with specific incentives.

“Digital couponing is the first of many innovative programs that are part of our Commissary 2020 vision to deliver a 21st century benefit,” Jeu said. “We are always working with our industry partners to negotiate the lowest possible prices and identify new ways for our customers to save even more.”

For more information, visit www.commissaries.com/faq and click “Commissary Rewards Card.” Help also is available through the customer service hotline at 855-829-6219 or through e-mail at commissarysupport@inmar.com.

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