FEBRUARY 12, 2010 


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PHOTO: Fort McCoy Garrison Commander Col. David E. Chesser addresses the audience during a Garrison Commander’s Work Force Briefing session Jan. 21 at Fort McCoy. Photo by Val Hyde Garrison commander addresses work force

Fort McCoy had a very good 2009 and is well-positioned to take advantage of opportunities in 2010 and beyond, said Col. David E. Chesser at the Garrison Commander’s Work Force Briefing sessions conducted Jan. 21.
( Story, photo.)
PHOTO: Don Keck (second from right) presents a ceremonial incentive award check to Fort McCoy Garrison Commander Col. David E. Chesser, representing Fort McCoy, for savings in an energy-conservation project. Rob Sturgis (far left) and Mike Herro (far right) represented Xcel Energy, which is Fort McCoy’s energy provider. Photo by Rob Schuette

McCoy receives $28,100 incentive award for energy conservation

Presentation of an energy-conservation financial incentive award was another sign of the successful cooperative effort between Fort McCoy, its energy provider, and a statewide energy-conservation program. ( Story, photo.)

PHOTO: Brian Smith inserts a bolt into the receiver of an M-249 light machine gun that he has disassembled on his workbench at Fort McCoy’s Installation Materiel Maintenance Activity (IMMA). Smith is one of four gunsmiths in IMMA’s Small Arms Maintenance Section.  Photo by Tom Michele IMMA inspects, repairs weapons for troops

Thousands of weapons are brought for inspection and repair into Fort McCoy’s Installation Materiel Maintenance Activity (IMMA) annually. The weapons go through a very important journey at IMMA and provide mobilizing Soldiers with fully mission-capable weapons for deployment, according to IMMA Project Manager Burt Reehling.
( Story, photo.)
  PHOTO: Larry Leetz (left) and George Kresse of Military Wraps™ Defense System Company apply a vinyl product to a building in the MUTS-North area. Photo by Rob Schuette Vinyl product adds realistic look to buildings

Military personnel training in urban military tactics at Fort McCoy are finding more-realistic scenarios because of a new visual aid that makes buildings appear more similar to what they will find in-theater.
( Story, photo.)
PHOTO: A Winter Extravaganza participant shows off his skills during the rail jam at the Jan. 23 event at Fort McCoy’s Whitetail Ridge Ski Area. Ten people participated. Photo by Pamela Johnson Winter Extravaganza provides full day of activities

Outdoor recreation enthusiasts enjoyed a full day of activities in a picturesque winter setting during the Jan. 23 Winter Extravaganza event at Fort McCoy’s Whitetail Ridge Ski Area.
( Story, photos.)

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